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Assembly of box for 15 inch subwoofer, help me please

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I'm starting a new project for my car, it's a 15" subwoofer with 2000wrms, I'm going to use a 2600w lil wonder 3 soundstream amplifier, connected to 4ohms that will give me around 1000wrms, I have 200 amp battery, my car it is a Ford Hatchback model KA (Brazil), the maximum box that fits in my compartment is 43 height ,44 length ,88 width centimeters, I wanted something around 38 ~ 40hz for more sound pressure, I designed something but I don't know if it is pleasant in the ears, thank you all below I leave some pictures of the respective equipment.


Amp: https://www.soundstream.com/manuals/2009/LW III Class D.pdf





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So here is a suggestion, power: to sub rated, amp subsonic filter to 28Hz, minimum port clearance 9 cm, figure is just an assembly guide:


NOTE: If building outside you need to build a cardboard dummy box to test fit in it's way inside.








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Here are the plots for the above box for the D4 version of the sub:


Projected in-car frequency response:




Cone displacement:




Vent airspeed:





Should sound pretty good but since you asked for higher tuning your -3db half power frequency is about 31 Hz, so not too great for low tuned stuff like rap.


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Box wise you do a larger internal volume to get more output with less power, in your case going to 4 cubic feet net should be doable but I already made the box as big as your available space allows. Tuning should be as low as the music you play needs but not lower, I think if you generally do not play low tuned music like rap you are better off with the higher tuning you chose.


To avoid damage to your sub you should be aware of clipping, specially with modern full bridge amplifiers which if not used properly can clip very easily. Clipping is one sure way to destroy a sub. If you are not familiar with this let me know let me know and I will post you some links so that you know how to avoid it.

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@Joe X So, in reality, I like rebassed-style music, with this frequency that I chose between 38 and 40 hz, will it not be possible to play music at approximately 30 hz, play it loud? because I believe that this speaker will not last a long time playing at 25hz. I wanted something like rap but with sound pressure, or is this system I have not ideal for doing it? I redid the measurements in my car and managed to reach the following measurements: Length 88 cm, height 47 cm and width 45 cm, this is the maximum, even putting the back seat forward because of the battery. Do you think it's possible to play low and strong with this setup? I appreciate it if you can give me the links on the content, thanks a lot buddy

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