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Stetsom STX2436BT ?

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Was just wondering if anyone has used the Stetsom STX2436BT. I was looking at this DSP because is Bluetooth controlled by cellphone, has remote turn on delay that’s supposed to stop the annoying speaker pop caused by my LOC and it’s a price I can handle. Just curious if it does what it says and if there are any problems with it. I understand it doesn’t have all the capabilities of more expensive ones but if it’s not junk it should do all need for now. 
Thanks for any input 

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Can't say I've seen or heard of anyone using them, let alone anyone talk about Stetsom in general in I don't know how many years.

I guess it sucks that it doesn't come with that controller though because those are usually handy to turn the subs up and down (at least on my 2 different DSP's it did).
That being said though I'm sure its halfway decent and worth while, plus you will be able to toss that cheap LOC in the garbage since that DSP has high level inputs as well.
If it's in your budget you I would say it is worth taking a gamble on just because it will give you a bit more control over your system than you currently have as well as hopefully solving one of your problems with the turn on pop.




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