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PowerandGrounds.PNG.7eb41ad50f3ffd4d5634c3d0e183c0fc.PNGHello,  need some advice.  I have a 96 ah Lithium Headway Bank and IOXUS ultra cap and a JS-320 Alt.  Going to delete my AGM and put the Cap in my battery position.  I am not sure what the correct way to run my power and grounds.  I have 3 amps 1 TARAMPs 3K Smart Bass and 2 TARAMPs 800x4.  Do I make a distribution block and run all my amps, lithium and cap power wires to the distro block?  I also am not sure if i need dual runs straight from my alternator to my lithium and one run from my Cap to the lithium? I have attached a diagram of my plan and any assistance would be appreciated.  I am keeping my grounds the same so if i run 2 powers from my alt to battery then i will also run 2 grounds.  Of course i will be running circuit braker type fuses between all the power runs but just did not show them in the diagram.  Trying to figure out if these runs are quote unquote correct. Anyone running something similar to 96ah of Headway cells with a battery delete.  i run my truck about once on the week day and sometimes on the weekend.  dont know if the headways will drain.  but the charging is so fast I think i could start it every now and then if needed. 


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