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Hey Guys, 1 of my silks got damaged so am in the market for a new pair.


I got the JL C2 6.5 components where the tweeters are 8ohm and a bit out of my budget right now.


I reached out to JL where they said that if I use any other 4ohm or 6ohm tweeters (more available) it will increase the power the tweeter sees, which i understand. But they said it will also change the crossover points (raise or drop because of the change in ohm) on the passive crossover (C2s), in which i want to reuse. Ill add a picture of the crossover. 


Any way yall can calculate for me if it will raise or drop based on 4ohm and 6ohm? and if yall would know how much power the passive can actually handle based on viewing.




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there doesnt seem to be any info from the manufacturer about crossover frequency... most component crossovers wont have that spec listed. if it came with your equipment originally i would say its probably fine to run up to the rated power the manufacturer suggests. the best way to know what you are crossing over and rolling off at would be to go active crossover with a dsp, or other unit that lets you set those parameters.


if i had to guess that crossover is probably a -16db slope at or near the low end of the frequency range of the tweeters

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