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Sundown Amp Clamp Tests

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Man I love my 1200D even more.

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I've done various testing on the 1500s, 3000s, 3500s, and 4500s on 16v if you look around. Since I no longer have a 16v system in the Jeep it won't be possible for me to do a test just like this one, though.

The 1000 and 1200 won't like 16v much.

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$160 Sony Xplod from Best Buy -- lowest one with a USB plug. Works great for me :)

No signal processors or line drivers.

:o nnnnnnoooooooo!!!! i have to burn my saz-1500's now!!! :cray:


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Yeah. im pretty sure they dont warranty retarded people.

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Would it be possible next time you do a test like this to get current draw numbers too?


If you build it, db's will come...

NSPL World Record Holder Trunk 0-1800 watts---147.9 with 1722 clamped watts @ 40Hz(9-20-09).

Competition Only Record Holder Trunk 0-500 watts---148.1

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Wow...am i reading this correctly...slightly above 1 ohm, at 12.8 volts the 1500 made 1900 watts? Holy sh!t..so wouldnt this thing easily break 2k on a solid 14+ v system. Damn that is insane.

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