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  1. Have you pmed Derrick824? http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/ind...hp?showuser=429
  2. Robbie did a 155.2 sealed. How does it sound??? More like how does it feel?...from ten feet away.
  3. There are very very few true trunk cars that get over 150. The two that I know of can't play music very well.Edit: Hell, one of them can't play music at all really.
  4. It would look cool if you could get more of the Sundown center pieces and put them between the amps. edit: or polished aluminum or chrome or stainless steel
  5. You still can't get over being teabagged, can you? Build looks good so far.
  6. I nominate this guyand this guy There are two noms here Chode, can you figure it out...
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