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  1. Sundown Fans, We have updated our warranty policy to better serve our customers. We already have DOUBLE the warranty period of most car audio companies (2 years vs. 1 year) but we wanted to make it even better. I will copy the entire new warranty text into this post but these are the highlights: 1) ANY return will issued a prepaid FedEx label billed to our account. 2) This means warranty AND non-warranty returns. 3) If your items is *COVERED* by your 2-year warranty you are liable for ZERO shipping costs -- we cover it BOTH ways now. 4) If your item is *NOT COVERED* you still pa
  2. Made a quick video last week. Also my first test on my new camcorder high-speed mode. The woofers motion looks alot more like real life.
  3. MODEL -- RE-CONE Price -- FRAME Price X-6.5SW -- $40.00 -- NA (Frame Not Available) ** Single 4 ohm Coil ** v.2 soft parts -- fits v.1 or v.2 models X-8 -- $55.00 -- $15.00 (D2 or D4 coil) ** Options from other X series do not apply ** We can add an additional spider layer for $10 extra EACH layer. X v.1 / v.2 Pricing is the Same -- We do need to know which one you have, though: * We will by DEFAULT use the Mega-Roll v.2 & Brown Spider if you do not specify (v.2 Spec). X-10 -- $115.00 -- $42.00 X-12 -- $120.00 -- $48.00 X-15 -- $130.00 -- $72.00 X-18 (6-Spoke) -- $140.00 -- $50.00 X-18
  4. MAJOR UPDATE (11-3-16): Nearly all pricing has changed. Also as of THIS MONTH our drop-in lead time has been reduced to 1-2 weeks on average for STOCK kits. Customized kits may be longer. ---------- To order a STOCK drop-in e-mail [email protected] To order a CUSTOM drop-in e-mail [email protected] To reduce back-and-forth e-mails ALWAYS include the following : 1) What you are ordering -- Model, Coil Configuration, Etc. 2) If you already have a basket or not; please check below for any special notes. 3) If you need ANY custom options please specify up front. 4) !!! YOUR ADDRESS A
  5. I can't say for sure the power I had on it -- I simply turned it up until it wouldn't go any more. The amp on tap was an SAZ-3500D v.2 @ 1 ohm That all being said IMO the rating is conservative just like our other ratings.
  6. ** Uploaded a video on it. https://www.facebook.com/sundownusa/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1099391830116287 ** Facebook Album with more information as well.
  7. We do not cover stupidity or abuse on blown subwoofers. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. In cases of abuse a re-cone fee is charged -- and usually a brand new woofer is sent out. That being said... our products are rated such that if you do BLOW one you probably aren't running it anywhere near the rating and/or in anything resembling the correct enclosure. This is my favorite analogy... if you go buy a new Ferrari and crash it into a wall -- should you be covered by warranty ? No... that is what insurance is for. A warranty IS NOT an insurance policy.
  8. PS : Although your post doesn't seem to indicate who you are -- I do see two Z v.5 12s for an RMA exchange for someone in NC that are in process right now. I assume that's you ;-)
  9. It will take some time to build all the Z v.5s that have been ordered. If you ordered them they'll be built as soon as possible -- there are a few giant distributor orders that pre-date pretty much any small orders.
  10. We've been shipping them in Rev.3 for quite some time (in the 12" size). Since before the start of 2016... so I'd say pretty much everyone has them by now. Just call your dealer & confirm. Says right on the box.
  11. The official RMS rating will remain un-changed at this time. The coil IS the same as we use in the NS v.3 series, though, so thermal power handling is a good bit higher. Mechanically... same suspension as Z v.4 so I have not altered my official rating as of yet.
  12. Our container is in port on the east coast with the RCAs =) So I am assuming we'll get it next week.
  13. Massive audio,SPL Dynamics and Magnus audio and a lot of others. Those boards are very similar, although, I haven't yet seen this *exact* board in usage. The primary difference being this one has a massive cap bank compared to most other similar designs.
  14. For those following CAB we also sold the SA-Ultra design to them ; they'll be bringing it out this year in 12s with a few small tweaks (12-spoke frame and some small mods to the motor) & US assembly with US coils.
  15. https://www.facebook.com/sundownusa/videos/930389930349812/ 152.7 dB 30-second music average today
  16. https://www.facebook.com/sundownusa/videos/vb.114478905274256/929996937055778/?type=2&theater * Peak SPL testing -- we got 155.3 with four of them on video and as high as 155.6 in testing earlier. https://www.facebook.com/sundownusa/videos/vb.114478905274256/929998670388938/?type=2&theater * 149.9 Bass Race run averaging around rated power per driver (peaks up to ~50% above rated). ---------- We want to dump more power on them for burps when we get more 7500s back in stock... and also plan to do a "maximum" 30-second music run as well (Bass Boxing Style). I am super pleased... th
  17. The easiest difference to discern is that the Z v.4 motor has 2x the steel plate thickness for the top & back plates.
  18. Yep this is all correct information. ----- Not sure how many folks noticed we did release our "NEO-SPL" driver in the 4Q of 2015 : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.897828580272614.1073741877.114478905274256&type=3 The NEO-SPL is currently on v.1 & will be for the first ~100 or so units while I work on the v.2 version. ----- For the time being I am not changing the Z v.5 power rating from 2000-watts... although; it runs the same coil as the NS v.3 now. ----- The NS v.4 is in the works. I have the final production run of NS v.3 motors coming in shortly... this will make
  19. The truth on box design is that there is always a very good range of tuning that works. Our Sketchup box designs are all tuned to ~35 Hz but a tuning ranging a few Hz either way is completely fine based on your taste for a hair more low-end or a hair more top-end.
  20. All authorized online & local dealers have been invited to participate. I'm sharing on the forums today as it's the last day -- been running since Friday! Here is a quick link to the Black Friday / Cyber-Monday dealers over at WoofersEtc.com : Black Friday & Cyber Monday Weekend Sale
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