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Tattoo Aftercare for those with new ink

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I thought since we have the section and there wasnt a set of instructions, I would pass along what i reccomend to my clients.


DAY-ONE: Your new tattoo will be somewhat tender, and will feel like a new sunburn. The care of your tattoo is YOUR responsibility, and how you care for it in the first few days will determine the overall healed look forever.


• Wash hands thoroughly with sop and water.

• Remove bandage carefully, wet with water if it seems to “stick”

• Wash Tattoo with warm water and a mild soap lathering with hand.

• Rinse tattoo well with water, until surface feels squeaky clean

• Blot tattoo dry with clean, disposable paper towel.

• Apply a small amount of ointment to the tattoo and work into skin.

• Blot excess ointment with clean paper towel.

• Tattoo should not be greasy-LESS IS MORE!


DO NOT re-bandage tattoo!

DO NOT use a washcloth, loofa, or sponge to wash tattoo.

DO NOT dry with a towel. Cloth towels harbor bacteria!

DO NOT touch tattoo with dirty hands! Do net anyone else touch your tattoo either!

DO NOT apply excessive lotion or ointment: Tattoo should NEVER look greasy or soggy.

DO NOT use products containing Aloe Vera, Alcohol, or Cortisone!

DO NOT expose tattoo to natural or artificial sun light for a minimum of Three(3).weeks

DO NOT soak in tub, pool, or lakes. All contain huge amounts of Bacteria.

DO NOT pick or scratch tattoo! Use a little lotion for itching.

DAYS 2-14: Healing tattoos will Peel, Flake, and Small bits of colored skin will shed. It may not look as crisp as the first days and may appear hazy. This is completely normal, and will clear up in 2-4 weeks depending on how fast the individuals body heals. Continue to wash and dry tattoo twice daily, morning and night, as directed to in “Day-One”. Apply lotion 4-6 times daily and work it in thoroughly using only small amounts.


Anti-biotic ointment( Bacitracin, Neosporin, and Triple Anti-biotics) can be used for the first Three(3) days ONLY, if signs of infections are present. Problems can occur with prolonged use, and the sun should be avoided at all costs. Some ointments are Photosensitive, and a rash can develop if exposed to light, Natural or Artificial(tanning beds)


SOAP: Liquid Dial or Equivalent(Soft Soap), Ivory Bar, or Pure & Natural Bar.

OINTMENTS: Tattoo Goo, A & D Ointment, or Bacitracin(ointment, not creams)

LOTION: Lubriderm, Curel Unscented, Vaseline Intensive Care(NOT Vaseline Jelly)



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Thats a kool tool if your getting sleeved or a big piece that requires multiple sessions. But if your not, just be a man and deal with the pain. lol




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