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  1. Pretty solid work bub. You using Rounds for shading? Try out some smaller(7-9) mags and your shade work will smooth out so finely, wont have the choppy/scratched look. Try to slow down a tad on lines too. They are solid, but inconsistent, slow your hand speed down a lil but keep the machine setup the same. If u got any questions holla! ill pass on any info i think will help!
  2. Lots of tuning to do, but stoked my build is done

  3. Getting tattoo'd... this shit hurts...

    1. BeatBox


      it hurt so good lol what is it?

    2. MrSkippyJ


      i love the pain, but then again i have only had work done on my arms. i haven't had any done on really bad spots.

  4. hahaha, i already played but ima say this, that bitch is obese!
  5. Helped bobby weld in the frame work for the monsta last night.. 2x6x1/4in U channel...FUGGIN BEAST MODE

  6. got my TEETH today!

  7. My girl is Bat Shit Crazy like me!!! those are the best kind...sleep with one eye open and you'll live a long happy life together...congrats, brother. words of advice from a thrice married guy who finally got it right: don't find joy or entertainment in antagonizing her or pissing her off (like I did with my first 2 marriages). Instead, make her the center of your world, and she will make you the center of hers...you got married because you love each other. always remember that, no matter what else happens, you love each other and your union will last forever. Also remember that it isn't a free ride...it's WORK. you have to work to keep a marriage fresh and strong. i wish you two the best. Thanx man, i appreciate the words. We both have had a shit life up till now, so we have that to fall back on, we both have the drive to keep from the "Old Ways" and we do make each other happy. Shes, nutz, rude, mean as a rattle snake, and sexy as fuck.. what else could i want in a wife!!! I love this girl like no other, and we have many years together if we do WORK at it like you said bro...Thanks again!
  8. Yea man, I done went and did it.. I found a real women to share my life with yall, you will see lots of her! Shes as big an audio head as we all are.. Thanks so much Steve!! Vids and pix are on my facebook
  9. So its official, im a married man!

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    2. Purplehaze


      Poor guy! Jk, congrats!

    3. meade916
    4. siccostyle


      Congrats homie. Hope you guys are happy and stay that way hahahahah. No really though congrats.

  10. Sorry to hear this man, I know exactly how you are feeling right now...I went threw this with my mom last year. SHe has had 2 major strokes and now has TIA's on a regular basis.. Its heartbreaking to watch the women that i got all my strength from growing up become so weak and helpless.. Your in my heart and thoughts man truly..
  11. Im not religious in one bit, but i will keep you and your family in thought and close to heart thrw your difficult time bro, im sorry to hear of this news and wish you and your fam all the strngth you need to get threw
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