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  1. 2 years clean & sober today Life can get to us sometimes, and everyday can feel like a test. And there is no manual on how to live this life. Sometimes we pass, sometimes we fail. And it's ok to fall down, that's part of being human. What matters is that we get back up. When you're tired of living a certain way, of feeling a certain way...you make a change. When you decide you've had enough...you make a change. And when you decide to make that change...you do it. Fuck excuses. And never give up.
  2. When as a reputable seller who wants to remain reputable you're forced to take it up the ass with a smile and concede to moronic people who are stupid and like to bitch & blame others because they are too stupid & brainless to realize they are stupid & brainless.
  3. Anyone who touches this stapler....will have their nuts stapled to their chin.
  4. My first ANL type, 10 bucks shipped for each (and 7 bucks cheaper each than the "other" guys I bought em from a place on Ebay yet they shipped 2 day from Amazon Prime.
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