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i use this...dont know name in english but it is great thing for cutting the wire and fuseing wires and terminals...

Bolt cutter


My Youtube Page. Check it out

The "SAV" - Sub-aural Assault Vehicle

Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X993

Image Dynamics CTX 6.5" Components

Q-logic 6.5" kick pods

CDT 6.5" CL-E6NEO Front door Midbass

Kicker ZX350.4

Knukonceptz SS Karma 4 channel 6m RCA

Fi Q 18" w/ brushed aluminum dust cap

7cu ft. ported box tuned to 28hz

Sundown SAZ-1000D

Iraggi 240 amp Amputator Alt

Big 3 in Monster 1/0awg

Second Skin Damplifier Lite on roof and front doors

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a $25 set of 0 awg cutters from Snap On. Best thing I ever used. Its like butter.

Ed Lester

ShowtimeSPL Host

Showtime Electronics Video Marketing

My old Build Log



5 time dB Drag Finalist
Last ride 2007 HHR, current dB 153.5 and bass race 149.4 dB. 153.0 dB on music

New Ride, 2008 HHR SS. Build under way.
Loudest score ever = 171dB
2009 dB Drag Racing, North American Points Champion

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a $25 set of 0 awg cutters from Snap On. Best thing I ever used. Its like butter.

Will look into those.

Honda Accord 4 Door

Current System -

(2) 12'' Mtx Thunder 5500's

(1) Alpine Mrp-m1000 @4Ω

(1) Pioneer Deck Deh-3500

(1) American Legacy 1.0 Farad Capacitor

(1) Stinger Voltage Meter (Blue)

Big 3 Knu 1/0

Box 3.4^3@37hz


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I've been using bolt cutters for a couple years now and they can cut through anything like butter. When i was still working in a shop(like 3 years ago) I was using the handheld ones like the link from Home Depot listed. They still get the job done but not as easily as the bolt cutters do.

1998 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer... New setup, old ride... QX56 is staying stock til I get loud... It's only getting walled off if I don't meet my goal @ SBN.

Pioneer AVIC-N2

(12) 12" RE SXs old model.... (3) AB VFL 500.1 @ 1ohm each

Dual 300amp Ohio Gen alts.... (10) Northstar NSB-125s

26ft3 @ 33hz w/ a ton of port area

156.5 @ 40hz @ dash, Db Drag style / 153.2 Bassrace

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