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  1. When I first met Nick Wright, I learned was love actually is.
  2. When I first got my HHR in 2007, I immediately installed my XX Goliath 5k and had some fun.
  3. Hmm, maybe how sound behaves inside enclosures and vehicles. Covering hard reflection, soft reflection, sympathetic vibrations and harmonics.
  4. I teamed up with an old friend and put a lot of effort into producing a mini series to showcase audio in the context of science. We hope to gain exposure for the love of audio across the masses. Doing cool experiments with audio is our format to doing this. We need support to get it growing so that one day we can produce a feature length documentary on car audio, or a real series for a larger distribution network. Watch episode 1 of Sounds Fun and let me know your thoughts. Series 1 is going to be 6 episodes. Share your ideas and opinions here.
  5. Sure it's still done. Some even still use 2 amps per voice coil. Amps nowadays have slave/master modes and gain matching modes to make it easier. Back in my day (lol) we had to set each amp's gain up hill, both ways in the snow.
  6. The change in air density is so small with these temperature differences that it does not change anything in 99.9% of the vehicles out there. Peak frequency may shift depending on temperature. What is more of a factor is the pliability of equipment and the vehicle itself. Woofer's can be a bit more rigid in cold temperatures. Also, body panels tend to contract and stiffen up. If your box and car were tuned in the summer time, the added rigidity and contraction in the winter may change the way in which sympathetic vibrations of body panels work with your woofers. Harmonics play a crucial role in street type interiors, change something as little as a door seal and score can change drastically.
  7. Most likely it's a weak connection at the terminal. Drill a small hone, squeeze the wire through, and terminate direct to the woofer, then seal the wire hole with goop. Just as said above.
  8. Best way is to play around with it and see what you like. In most cases the small opening in the back of the seat is too small to be effective for forward firing. You may get deeper response from firing back and letting air travel through all natural areas of the back seat and deck. A little experimentation will be fun though.
  9. As a driving instructor I see things like that all the time. I'll tell you what I tell students. Drive home with it in the past knowing that you are safe, not in jail, and not seen as a D-bag by other drivers like those idiots.
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