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Difference between Regulated and Unregulated power supplies

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Just a shot in the dark here, but regulated means anything past where it says it does power it doesnt gain any, and unregulated means the higher up the voltage the more power it can produce.... just a guess though, since i never got into the technical side of amps

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A regulated amp will attempt to put out its rated power no matter what, and you usually need the power to back them up or they can burn out from not being powered properly.

A unregulated amp has a much more useful voltage tolerance but they will vary their output to how much voltage you are giving the amp. If the amp is rated at 400 watts at 12.5 it may give you a couple extra hundred watts at 14.4 but may drop a couple hundred if you are dropping down to 10 volts.

A lot of unregulated amps have a some what regulated design so when they are under powered they still try and produce their rated power but still have the ability to be fully unregulated when you go higher than the rated voltage so you can gain extra wattage.

I love my fully regulated amps but they are not for everyone. A lot of sound quality people like an amp that has a fully regulated power supply.

If you are into straight up bass output for competition then an unregulated power supply can come in handy.

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