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My Mammut Üüüühh!! Event July 30-31st 2010

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(Photo of 2009 trophies)

Hi there,

I think its time to announce my annual big summer show.

The Extra and Mammut Üüüühh!!! 2010 will take place at July 30-31st 2010.

Same place, almost same people LOL Hopefully more of course.

And with even more fun.

Needless to say that it is a huge event and international also.

I am working on some details and the most infos I will write in our german forum.

It should be ok to put the link here : http://www.dbdrag.de/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=22383

No problem if you ask questions in english there (easier when its one place).

But I will check this thread also of course.

I wrote so much words in the past to advertise this event

but they are basically always the same LOL

Anyways my motto this year is "Less is more".

So less words, more action hahahaha.

Last year there was George from the PASMAG magazine who wrote

a nice article what you can find here:

(would love to have him there again)


This is the german article from the CAR&HIFI magazine:


My report with many pics (all german) is here:


The next dB Drag Newsletter will contain some lines in

english language and pics also. Watch out for that.

I already was able to animate some sponsors and

there is much talk for more. If somebody has the feeling

to help out, dont hesitate and send me an e mail.

So far I have JBL and Team New Generation (a private team,

what is great and really apprechiated).

Its early in the season but I need to plan and invest.

I call this event still the "biggest smallest event" in the world,

others may call it whatever they want. At the end its much much fun

and I hope to see a lot of you to make it same or better than last year.

But dont look at making something bigger better faster...

It isnt about setting records or having more and more people there.

Its the fun time we can spend all together in this 1-3 days.

Lets do it!

YOU are the reason I am doing that!

Be a part of it!

Sponsors so far:

(to be updated regularly)

Main Sponsor:

Audio Design


Harman Germany (JBL)


Team New Generation


Last friday the trophy parts arrived finally.

Not 1.3 tons like last year, but still around 700 kilos!

They look nice as always and I will have enough for EVERYBODY!

Just the labels and about 350-400 participation trophies have to be completed.

Here are the first impressions. I think I completed these ones in a record time

Up to place 3 there will be:

dB Cup (up to 1 Meter):





dB Drag (up to 1,6 Meter):




Michael tongue.gif

www.SQPL.de Rulez!

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Bass Race (up to 2 Meters):



AYA Sound Quality (up to 1 Meter):







Sometimes they lighten up and: OMG, IT SPINS LOL

About 10-14 special trophies with two columns

for different reasons (farest trip and so on).


Participation trophies in different colors, free to choose from place 4 to ??? :


PS:So far I still have to do the 350-400 "participating" trophies.

If I sign them all? I dont know yet.

I am looking forward to this event.

Wish everybody a safe trip.

Most of you know that there are some "rainfalls"

during the event.Unfortunately there is something

laying around at the place at the moment. If they

cannot carry everything away til end of july,

we will call the event: "The biggest dB Mud Racing ever"

PS.: Audio Design supports us also with a nice white tent

what covers the lanes! Thanks to Audio Design!


Michael tongue.gif

www.SQPL.de Rulez!

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holy fuck sticks batman.


those bass race trophies look awesome! i want one :)

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