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  1. Old news, I saw them months ago. But yeh, there pretty
  2. I doubt it would. The engine speed cables and water hose and other small things like dip sticks/ air intake will get in the way. The triple alt in the link above fits onto the existing alt mounts right? Well the double alt bracket you made for me removed that if you remember which gave us some height.. I would say your double bracket, and AC pump thrown out is the way forward. With the chance of adding a 4th if you cut more firewall..
  3. so i guess its 1, maybe 2 large alternators and a battery bank huh? It doesn't look like there is much room under there. I might step up my game to a 16/18v setup in this one. Time will tell, i really haven't even decided ANYTHING yet. I made my friend an offer on the van, he took it, and here i am LOL...no thought at all on what im gonna actually do. Yep, battled with it for a while but Matt @ Mechman came through. You'll need to ditch the entire AC setup. AC evaporator, heater matrix and blower. If you can live without that then Matt has a double bracket setup which replaces stock alt fixture for a new item. You will need to cut some of the firewall but it fits.. its designed to work in other Chevys with the same motor. I have 3x SMD Spec 350A Alts, along with the double bracket I ditched the AC pump for the 3rd unit. I can see room for a 4th if the firewall is cut some more, just need to adapt the Mechman bracket little more.. My Astro isn't used daily its a purely 'Audio' only so the finer luxurys need not matter.. well for me at least!
  4. Will be watching this one very closely. I have an Astro. There fun
  5. No one is getting ignored. Shawn is working through e-mails as quick he is able to, which considering having his leg amputated only a matter of weeks ago shows how loyal and passionate he is about his work. Just a little behind but should be caught up soon. Thanks again for everyone's patience!
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUP6Ar6X91o&feature=g-u-u http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RY4vCbAhFcA&feature=g-u-u 8x N2.15s 8x D3100s 8x SPL Dynamics 3500Ds Still more to come I'm sure!
  7. OK, will try to get hold of one of them and get it cleared up. Thanks!
  8. Can you tell me if you have ordered and paid for them please? Thanks.
  9. e-mail sales[at]ficaraudio.com Might take a little longer to get a response via e-mail since Shawn is having life changing surgery, so we appreciate your patience at this time.
  10. Shawn is in hospital, not sure he is dealing with order related e-mails just yet. Scott is at the shop but running around like a headless chicken (when isn't he?!!) fwd me your recone requirements to sales(at)bladeice.com and i'll try get it looked at. Thanks
  11. Shawns had to go back to Florida to have surgery, he's on e-mails but a little slow. He'll get back to you I'm sure later this week.
  12. If it has a recessed Fi bubble logo on the back its a BL. If it has a allen head showing, its a first gen BTL.
  13. Yup would be better to go std Qts. e-mail sales[at]ficaraudio.com with your order number in the subject line. Shawn will take care of it.
  14. H-QTS will scrub off some motor force removing some 'peak'. This helps greatly in a sealed enclosure application. Using it in a ported alignment you'll notice a much rounder sound, not quite as tight or as aggressive as it would be if it was a standard Qts spec sub. Personally I only ever recommend H-Qts for my HT customers and ones who are using the sub in PURE SQ setup, otherwise standard Qts is the one to go for. If your going for balls out SPL, low Qts.
  15. Scottie/Nathan.. IF your reading this tell me more about the BANNERS! lol Looking good Steve!
  16. What, you don't like my original 'Fi' logo?... We designed it to be timeless and instantly noticeable.. I must try harder next time
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