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alt for plymouth laser

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my buddy has a 1990 2.0l turbo- plymouth laser (sister cars to the Eagle Talon and Mitsubishi Eclipse) well i was wondering if you had anything that would work with this vehicles

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92 explorer

- 4 Atomic Apxx 15s duel .7s - 4rth order bandpass wall -4 powerbass XA-3000D's - 16 8volt batts wired to 16 volts - (9+/9-) runs 0gauge - 152.3 Db @ 29hz

current build

97 chevy lumina4 - 1 Atomic Apx 18 - 6 cube slot port trunk sealed off - 1 powerbass XA-3000D - 2 optima G31s in spare tire18 1 run 1/0

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Yup, we have a direct bolt in 220 amp large case conversion unit for $449. It has great output at idle, and is totally bomb-proof for daily abuse. We can also add the voltage boost module for $50 if you like.

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