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2011 SOTM Winners

The Best of 2011s System Of The Month Winners


  1. January 2011 SOTM Winner - skittlesRgood - Sponsored by Second Skin

    Unique box design, custom doors and followed up with loud clean bass.

  2. February 2011 SOTM Winner - AMI CUSTOMS - Sponsored by deepsilencer

    4 15 inch HDC3 walled and 7 thousand watts of power...yes...its loud!!

  3. March 2011 SOTM Winner - Drek75633 - Sponsored by Audio Savings

    1 Mustang, 3 18 inch Crossfires walled, and over 10k of power...damn...some serious Texas Swag!!!

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  4. April 2011 SOTM Winner - Valhalla - Sponsored by Mechman

    Yella` Chevy loaded down with 12 Sundown Audio 15s in a WALK THROUGH!!! A LOUD daily driver that will get your attention!!

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  5. May 2011 SOTM Winner - MarioB - Sponsored by Steve Meade

    Full Kicker system and it lives up to its name Livin` Loud...150s out of a truck and VERY clean you gotta see this!!!

  6. June 2011 SOTM Winner - dunkoholic- Sponsored by AudioSavings

    1954 Chevy Belair Trunk Build AirRide/Sound System/Engine

  7. July 2011 SOTM Winner - onebadmonte - Sponsored by DC Audio

    ONE SICK ASS Suburban with an amp as big as the box and some DOUBLE DEES!!!

  8. August 2011 SOTM Winner - Chodette69 - Sponsored by Sundown Audio

    Cute blonde, tiny DC System. Simple clean bass in a small set up.

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  9. September 2011 SOTM Winner - Orionstang - Sponsored by Audio Savings

    2 DC XL 10s in a BRAND NEW STANG!!! He takes the cake for 150 db at 150 MPH!! Clean, Loud, Fast!!!

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  10. October 2011 SOTM Winner - Corona_Jeff - Sponsored by XS Power

    Jeffs Green Monster Xterra kills the streets with 4 DC XL 15s in wild wall with tons of highs to back up the bass!!

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  11. November 2011 SOTM Winner - CJ18 - Sponsored by Rockford Fosgate

    6 DC Level 3 15s, 16 speakers and a ton of amplification...one loud and clearly heard set up!!

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  12. December 2011 SOTM Winner -Owners1- Sponsored by Audio Savings

    H2 LOADED with 8 Crossfire 15s and 20k+ watts of power on 16 volts!!!

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