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Here kitty, kitty, kitty.... Whaa, I won?....Oh, shi...

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What's up everybody? I'm glad to say the Ol' White Burban has become July 2011's System of the Month. :trippy:


A big thanks to all those who voted for me, all those who voiced their support, and all of my friends who came out of the woods to admit their friendship :P and vote. Also, a big thanks to the sponsors, DC Soundlabs and all the people behind the scenes there at DC. They are great people, supportive of all that is mobile audio. Ana, Rusty, thank you. A special thanks to the wifey for keep up with the home front while I played car stereos outside and my buddy Rick who has a knack for letting me know what's not going to work. :P A special thanks to my daughters for being daddy's little helpers. Lastly, a huge thanks to the Steve Meade aka the SM in SMD and to all the staff. A big thanks to all they do and provide. :drinks:

A couple of pics. :)






Build link. o_o

A Suburban A Warhorse and a Pair of Double Deez

One last big thanks from yours truly. :P


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Well deserved my friend. The time/effort/quality you put in to that build is second to none that I've seen. Everything worth doing is worth overdoing :drinks:


2010 Toyota Tundra
Full Hybrid Audio SQ

7" BDS on 37's

2000 Ford Expedition

160+ dB Green Turd -SOLD- :(

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