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  1. Yes I made a 1/8 of an inch boo boo when making my cutouts and the box was already glued together I searched everywhere and all suggestions pointed to making a new baffle or box. Just thought Id share my Mcguyver trick. I used box carpet and lined the hole only needed 2 layers folded it over the inner and countersunk edge stapled it in place. and then Added Fibreglass resin. just a light sanding so the terminals wont rub and im golden.
  2. Same equipment in a previous build never any issues now with my new 2018 f150 auto start stop feature on starting back up at a traffic light for example the amp on my highs goes into protect for 1-2 seconds. Its a Massive Audio NX4. I know I can turn off the auto start stop but every time you shut down and restart the feature resets Any other possible solutions ?how can I keep my amps and or the LC7i from not seeing the temporary dip in current or signal.
  3. I actually have a seat lift. front height is 11.5 and rear 8.5 inches
  4. Has anyone ever run these in a truck underseat with 2.0 cubic ft ported ? just wondering what your results were like and if you were happy
  5. Final pics once the pillars are installed. Now just need to figure out how to secure the tweeters from the inside it's not a press fit. I'm thinking hot glue? Soundstream sst-05 bullet tweeters
  6. Actually I did drill holes before for the body filler went down and also through the resin so its holding down pretty well. and the filler is sanded as thin as I could get it possible 1/16 to 1/8 inch thick in most spots., sprayed with primer, then 3 coats sealer and finally textured paint few coats
  7. First someone showed me a rustoleum spray can sealer . Now a spray gun compressor and a quart of sealer. Why tho what makes you sure the body filler will shrink and crack ? Becuase honestly after materials I'm already $200 bucks into these pods counting buying new pillars for this project. I dont have a compressor or any of that stuff. My goal is a textured spray paint that matches the color closely Please explain what I dont know that makes you think the pillars will fail
  8. Thanks guys for the advice I might just go the fuses route since thi 3ft peice of cable would be closest to the battery I would need a fuse any way.
  9. if I solder and wrap with Tape/Heatshrink and Loom Safe or not ? my Wire is short by 2 feet hate to have to buy another 25ft roll when I have a 4ft peice just sitting there ?
  10. Im in canada recommendations ? i was just planning to use spray paint or maybe grey rocker/bedliner on this for a texured finish
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