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  1. only just now seing this post I always say thank you in a comment when i get help. You are right I have been here long but I honestly never knew the importance of the link or thanks. I also never knew that you gain any sort of points from me doing it or I would have been doing that to all the ones who have helped me in the past. Apologies. Didnt think this was like facebook or youtube where likes mattered that much.
  2. Just an update i tried switching the RCA from front to Rear and having the highpass crossover set on the amp. The Crackling moved from the front to the back. so you could have been right bad RCAs. I will replace them and also move the ground while im at it and let you guys know.
  3. will make those changes and report back thank you
  4. I can try different rca cables just curious how would the cable be bad if switching crossover on the amp from highpass to full range solved the crackling but just introduces to much bass to the doors. the amp is connected to a ground bus that goes to the secondary battery and directly to the frame of the truck. the LC7I however jumps its power and ground via 18 guage off this amp if that matters
  5. Hi Guys Something strange im using Sundown Components on my front doors and Sundown coaxials on my rear. The Amp is Taramp DS800x4 . if the amp is set to highpass at Volume 17 the front components start to crackle. Amp gains are moderately set. the SMD DD-1 says i can go up to vol 22. So i switched the amp crossover to full range took the volume up to 23 no crackling but the components and coaxials are not putting out too much bass and it sounds farty. any ideas or sugestions ? there is an Audio Control LC7i in the mix and the factory headunit is set to flat. unfortunately the amp does not have adjustable crossovers
  6. Will I blow up my amp or just be running under powered Taramp DS800x4 2ohm Amp is capable of running 400RMS x 2 @ 4ohm in bridge mode. Would like to run in parallel 1 Eminence 8 inch beta -225 RMS @ 8ohm 1 Eminence 6.5 Beta -175 RMS @ 8ohm without adding a second amp just for the tweeters can I add my 4ohm Soundstream SST-05 Bullet Tweeters they are 50 RMS @4ohm What will my final impedance be and how will the power distribution to each speaker be ? if this will drop the impedance below 4ohms i would prob stay away from this dont want to stress the amp If I had to add a dedicated tweeter amp the Taramp DS250X2 would be my choice for this application.
  7. Hi Guys Im trying to build my own underseat box for my 2020 F150 Supercrew. i will do the construction my self can someone help me some a basic shape and some exploded panel views of the enclusure I will mess around with the kerfing and adjustments my self I would like a center port for 2 x Skar Audio ZVX-8s on Taramp HD3000.1 Double front baffle 3/4 Inch Plywood Max dimensions Width - 53 Rear Height 8.5 Top Depth - 14 Bottom Depth 16.5 Appreciate the help
  8. I understand that much but my real question was why pick those frequencies and not pay any attention to the tuning of the box, or manufacture specs.
  9. Guys Can you help explain to me how cross over points work in a nutshell so I can understand where to set my freqencies. I dont want you to tell me where to set them just the theory behind where is best to set them based on the specs of the speakers/amps. Subwoofers Example : Taramp HD3000.1 2 x Skar Audio ZVX-8 manufacture says 40-500hz if my box is tuned to 36hz my question is is this speaker even capable of playing that low ? Should my Crossovers be set right at the 36hz, or should i be right on the 40hz or should i choose a value right below where my mids start and let the subs cover everything below that. For example at the 55Hz most ppl say Cross are 80hz Mids example Taramp DS800x4 Sundown 6.5 Components Manufacture says 55- 20khz Sundown 6.5 Coaxials manufacture says 60-20khz This is where I get confused. If I set my crossovers to the exact point the manufacture says would I not be having some overlap between the subs and mids ? So how it this ideally done Note my amplifier for Mids only has a Low, High or Full Pass Switch no dials to set. I will likely get an external crossover pending how you guys help me understand this.
  10. Not installed yet but found out that the crossover on this thing sucks nothing to fine tune just high , low or full . and even with that the highpass is from 90hz upwards. low is 80 below . full is 10 upward. so no way around it your subs will be playing way to much of the pass and your mids loosing out on the 60 to 80 frequencies .. an external crossover is in my near future. as to hooking it up i will try using the shared positive terminal and see how it goes.
  11. I dont know if this matters on the front doors im using the sundown 6.5 components that has its own crossover. On the rear doors I'm using the sundown 6.5 coaxials Can someone recommend an external crossover for under $200
  12. If i understand you guys I can use it on the bass amp and just add some processing for the stereo amp ? Recommendations?
  13. Hi Guys so we all know what these two are used for did I waste my money ? Plan on using Taramp HD3000.1 for my subs Taramp DS800X4 for my doors The DS800X4 only has a switch High, Low pass or Full Range. No crossover settings to fine tune. - CC1 not needed correct ? The HD3000.1 also only has Highpass 10hz to 80hz and a Low Pass of 80Hz to Full Confusing ?? Besides setting gains is the CC1 useful to me in any way ?
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