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  1. How bout these guys https://www.dbscaraudio.com/pro-tw220 104DB you might need to make your hole slightly bigger 2.75 but is that an issue.
  2. Hi guys its been a while i currently have 1 x DS18 pro 6.5 x6m 8ohm speaker per door in my F150 very loud wired down to 2ohm I want to add 4 more however these will be going into a stand alone box with 2 x DS18 TW220 pro Tweeters My question is can anyone help me with some simple box dimensions for this type of thing ? ive seen guys make boxes shaped like a scoop or flared i may not have space for that. But im looking to make 2 boxes that can be removable from my back seat So each box would be 2 x DS18 6.5 X6M & 1 DS18 TW220 Pro Tweeter Thanks
  3. Hi Guys so we all know what these two are used for did I waste my money ? Plan on using Taramp HD3000.1 for my subs Taramp DS800X4 for my doors The DS800X4 only has a switch High, Low pass or Full Range. No crossover settings to fine tune. - CC1 not needed correct ? The HD3000.1 also only has Highpass 10hz to 80hz and a Low Pass of 80Hz to Full Confusing ?? Besides setting gains is the CC1 useful to me in any way ?
  4. you mean just build and test what sounds good by ear ? based on the results of an estimated port calculation.
  5. I tried that doesnt show anyone in toronto with this tool doesnt mean someone on the forum who has one isn't listed
  6. Does anyone have one of these in Ontario that I can pay you something to use for a few mins ?
  7. Yea i would like one I tried to create it my self by making most of the comments on the first page my self so I can go back in and add pics as I go along but this is convenient.
  8. http://youtu.be/dZP7uEg2IyI No matter how many times i look at this its still funny - Gota love my home country.
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