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  1. will 2 12inch subs 1k ea be louder than one 15inch 1k rms. and does 2 smaller move more air ?
  2. more power will be new sub yea. what kind of rms rating i should looking ?
  3. should be 61sq inch and with 1 45 on port 90* corner and port exit rounded a bit.
  4. 3.3 cuft. tuned to 30hz. it bottoms out and sub also get smeelly when played songs where bass notes are long. and it does not clip.
  5. i have EDGE EDB15D2X-E7 rated 1100w rms but my amp bottoms it out easy. so if i want to get louder with same core area 15" and keep box tuning to 30hz. how many watts im looking at to move more air ? my amp can do 2700w rms @1ohm. not dropping volts also 13.8 is lowest ive seen on stock 120A alternator and 14v is general and rests @ 14.4
  6. Skar should take more power than rated easy. make sure u dont clip and tell me more what amp u use ?
  7. u can run 3k on this sub no porblem box rise will up sub impedance so u will get around 2k or less on 3k amp depends on enclosure. clamp those subwoofers and see for yourself.
  8. low 30s tuned box @ 1200 rms can flex well with 1 15inch subwoofer. what amp will do on paper is not what u will get on subs. if u replace sub with resistor that can handle 3k and u clamp that resistor u will see your amp rated rms power. on subwoofer its different story. google reactive power and and real power.
  9. i have box tuned to 30hz around 3.2 cubs net and but i feel its small for that sub to get more excursion so i was thinking maybe add polyfill to get more space to sub ? im feeding sub with 1200w rms right now
  10. Anyone owns this amp ? are those rms values real ? looking to replace my Pioneer d9601. im happy with current amp but i feel sub handles more than 1200w rms sub is dual 2 ohm. http://www.bassfacecaraudio.co.uk/product/db14-1ohm-class-d-monoblock-subwoofer-12v-power-amplifier-2730w-verified-rms-power-output/db14 i could get this amp cheap as 279€ http://www.bassfacecaraudio.co.uk/product/db14-1ohm-class-d-monoblock-subwoofer-12v-power-amplifier-2730w-verified-rms-power-output/db14 on page under download section there is also PDF wich shows real world power written to paper voltages from 12.5v 13.8v and 14.4v like 1114w rms @4ohm 14.4v and 2722w @1ohm 14.4 and 2456w @13.8v also listed amps pulled when tested. seems like greatly documented amp to me so can i expect 2600w @1ohm clean rms ?
  11. this is my current box. built with 22mm OSB and 45 on 90degree port and sanded off oposite side of 90. does brace give more output im my case ? or not worth it ?
  12. Cheaper than birch but stronger than mdf.
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