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  1. Glad this mess is straightened out! Again, I wouldn't blame you or hold it against you if, you held on to the amp for a few days, to make sure eveything is good. N8Ball That bass knob for shipping would be sweet and generous. I couldn't find one on ebay. I will pay the shipping with my pp so there are no mistakes. lol
  2. If you look toward the bottom of the page, it says thet were made by RF! blue print
  3. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on some software like that! hint hint lol
  4. IDK either but I will be there spectating too. I haven't been to a show since 2001.
  5. Don't wanna go to grand ma's tomorrow to finish her roof! I am beat.

  6. I used these 2 sites to design a nice box for my fosgate hx2 tens. Site one to figure out min port area site one and this site to design a tuned box with min port area site two. I have 3 tens that slam, RF said to use a 3" port for one, I have over 50" of port area for 3.
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