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  1. Cover is held with magnets Template to make a recess Since it's been so long. This is what it powers
  2. I have only run 1 battery forever. Upgrading the charging system. Mechman 370A alt. XS power 3400 and an XS power 925 here in the truck. Mocking up for fit amd a added a fuse panel to power and spit up all the wiring The fuse panel is on a bent up bracket over some other stock stuff mounted to factory screws. I used threaded insert as much as I can becuase I am always changing stuff. turn on relay mount You cannot see the stock bracket in the back and the new one on top of it Fitting trim panel and the trunk panel, still in primer building the box for the battery. Its mounted with threaded inserts to the car. Starting cover which will trim out the battery and hold the battery fuse and distribution
  3. Out with the old, which still works. This Wrangler 160A has been fantastic and still going after 27 years.
  4. It's been a long time since I posted. Finally really upgrading the electrical in the thunderbird. New Mechman 370A, this alt. Is not made for this car. It needed a spacer and a shim. It wasnt use any of the factory harness. Tony at mechman was very patient getting me going with it. Just a switched 12v excite wire. XS power 3400 up front and added an XS power 925 in the trunk. It never had a second battery before. I have build pics of the rear battery install if these pics load. Are the old days of hosting pic on a photobucket type site and linking gone. It just a straight upload now?
  5. I believe you have a McPherson strut front end (strut turns with the steering, no upper control arm) that are tougher to do and have less options. Just about the only thing to use would be a "universal air" kit. You can look them up on line. It drops over the stock strut, although i don't know if they make a specific kit for yours but that's where i woulds start.
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