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  1. I believe you have a McPherson strut front end (strut turns with the steering, no upper control arm) that are tougher to do and have less options. Just about the only thing to use would be a "universal air" kit. You can look them up on line. It drops over the stock strut, although i don't know if they make a specific kit for yours but that's where i woulds start.
  2. I would take all of your measurements before the take the stock suspension apart. Then you know you have it in the right spot.
  3. if those speakers are your midbass speakers then i would put them in the door. If you are squeezing to get them in the kick , chances are they will be made small and you wont get much midbass out of them. As far as fitting them, that foot rest is out of there. How much depth do you have behind the kickpanel cover? I ran kicks in my bird and gained a little room by removing the carpet pad behind the carpet. i had mine more toward the corner of the kick and the firewall.
  4. i found the pic on the web site and i see its a 270a unit. i also see that it has the stock looking mounts. cool. i do have another question though. The pic has the rear of the case clocked 180 degrees off of my stock. Are they clocked per application?
  5. what is full output on that unit. Is there a pic of this exact unit on the website?
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