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  1. i have lots of 6" pvc is that wide enough? im not sure if i can use your calculator for Bandpass
  2. is there any problem with using the same diameter port for each chamber? i feel like i've heard that somewhere? also i have given up on my 18 dream and im going to try doing 2 12s instead that way im not limited on what i can do with the box
  3. is termpro a good one to use? i have that but i never really use it
  4. meh... i wanna try something new and push myself a little more
  5. 45cuft?????? holy moses! do series tuned need to be bigger then parallel? i really wanna do something cool with these guys and not just another ported box
  6. i have been watching that for ahwile now that build is insane! thanks for remembering my car! and even if i take it all the way to the roof?
  7. okay, I'd probably stick with doing a parallel tuned 6th. are there any "rules" you stick by? like which chamber should be bigger or if one should be tuned higher then the other? do you stick to the recommended volume for a ported box? i've been toying around with winisd and i think you want it really peaky right? I guess i should also my goals. I want a box that sounds good and loud i dont really care all that much about numbers although we do host some shows here and itd be cool if it could put something up on the board. i mostly want something that attracts attention and is just fun for people to sit in. with that being said i would like to try doing ports that i could change if i wanted to do some numbers. sorry i realize im kinda all over the map here haha. also this is going to be installed in a hatchback
  8. hey guys, i recently came into a pair of 18s and i really wanna try doing a band-pass box. the problem is i have no experience with them and have no idea where to start. so is there anyone on here that would be willing to tell me the dos and donts of building one? or if anybody knows of a good guide somewhere that details all the workings of designing one. the only band-pass i have every built was a 4th for two tens and i was extremely pleased with how it sounded. any help is greatly appreciated!
  9. also, thanks! i'm really excited about the possibilities now that i have a 3d printer
  10. the port length isnt accurate but just a way to see if my sub location is okay
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