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  1. god damn
  2. So im building my first spl vehicle and im trying to decide what box to build. now i have made a couplke of posts on here before asking the same question and the general answer was test test test. so i put dual 10s in a sealed box and tried a bunch of different locations doing sweeps. the following is what i got: 129 @ 59hz subs pointing back @ the back 130.5 @ 56 Same config same volume 127.8 @ 56 Subs pointing back @ front of vehicle 128 @ 58 Same 128@ 65 Subs poiting forward @ back of vehicle 128 @ 64 same 124.4 @ 57 subs forward midway up 120.6 @ 63 subs forward @ front of vhecle 128.9 @ 65 Subs poitning back as far back as it could go 130.4 @ 58 subs pointing back midway up vehicle so i was hoping to get some suggestions on what type of box i should build. i have 2 12" aa Havocs and its going into a 1992 mazda 323 hatchback. the one box i was thinking about doing was suggested to me through user jeep&bass. it was subs and port all firing forward. so i was thinking of trying that but facing the rear of the vehicle. so if anyone has any other suggestions of something that might work well in here i am all ears! Thanks!!!!!
  3. so far i've used two different systems in this vehicle, ill check tomorrow for what the peak fq was with both. once i get the car unburied from the snow ill do some more testing with some sealed boxes and try to find out what the vehicle likes. (Unless someone on here has any better ways of testing) im just so eager to build a box its hard to be patient haha
  4. i thought they peaked at around 10 hz above tuning?
  5. if i wanted my enclosure to peak around 50 hz would i tune my box to 40?
  6. dang lookin sexy with those mids in there
  7. looks really good man! i love wear you put the tweets
  8. I am trying to decide between two amps at the moment. my current amp is the crescendo 2200w and the amp im looking at is the soundstream 6000.1. i'm planning on doubling my system so my choices are get another crescendo or get two soundstreams. the company i work for can get a really good price on the soundstream and it claims it'll put out more power then the crescendo. i just wanted to get some opinions on what would be the better amp, Thanks guys!
  9. thanks for all the info! i really really appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge with me and help me out. but i think its a little beyond my skill level at the moment. i would like to eventually try one and ill defiantly be coming to you with questions lol. so again thank you!
  10. i was building this to do burps and maybe some music just for fun at a comp. thats one of the main reasons i didnt wanna do one is the amount of testing and tweaking it would take not to mention i have never built a 6th order before. i thought it was pretty ridiculous for this guy to promise me 12 db gain
  11. I am going to be building my first spl vehicle, and the guy i work with is suggesting that i build a 6th order. now i have looked online and have asked around a little bit but i wanted to get a few more opinions on the matter. originally i was just gonna build a high tuned aeroport box but he is claiming i should get +12db from using a bandpass? now i would have thought that if this was true every person would be doing bandpass. can anyone shed a little light on this situation for me?
  12. loving this build! i cant wait to see where you take it next! hopefully ill be able to make it down to the states and see it one day
  13. looks great man! do you have any videos of it?