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  1. i have one zapco 3k and two lightning audio 3 ks i found i was getting better numbers with the lightning audio amps. but i think thats because i didnt have enough power for the zapco. my aa subs are dual 2 ohm and my hybrids are dual 1 Thanks!!
  2. trying to build my own battery as i cannot afford anything else at the moment. each cell is 4v and 8.0 ah
  3. so after i got the hybrids in my vehvile and the zapco 3k i was down to 145.5. so i swapped my old stuff back in and got it up to a 148.3. now im wodering if my older lightening audio amps need less power then my zapco and thats why i was getting smaller numbers? but anyways i wanted to see if people in here saw a increse or decrese from deadening the roof of their vehicles? i got people to sit on my roof before and saw now gains or no losses so i dont know if itd be worth deadening it.
  4. That whole album is awesome
  5. hole shit crazy build man! thanks for sharing
  6. yea it definitely helps! and your totally right i didnt consider port ratio at all. i did a little bit of reading on it and lower seems to be the popular choice. thanks for the info man! i always love learning new things on how to make my next build better
  7. so i changed the port to 5"x20" (which if im doing it correctly) should be a 4:1 ratio? effective length is 24.75" I looked up port ratio and Triticum Agricolam mentioned its better to get it as close to square as possible, am i correct?
  8. so if i made it 5"x20" would that be a 4:1?
  9. so i increased the width to 38" and the height is still 3" the effective length is 21.75" Do you think this would work? also i had a quick look around for torres but im on a mac
  10. holy fuck! thanks man! do you think i should use this Port lenth 1.htm for calculating my port length? also would 115.5 be too much port area?
  11. Interior dimensions are 3"x20"x14.5" leaving 4.5" between it and the rear wall for end correction and one soundstream t1.6000dl claims to do 2500 into 1 ohm
  12. I'm looking to put 2 15's in a 98 tahoe and i have this design i just wanted to see what people think of it or have any suggestions for things i should do different. i've never done a window before or a square port so any tips would be greatly appreciated! Volume is 6 cubes tuned to 33hz
  13. Really great post! thanks for sharing everything you learned i really wanna try fiberglassing and this gave me some motivation!
  14. hey man with this new setup in here im down!!! im at 145.5 now?????? whats up?