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  1. the port length isnt accurate but just a way to see if my sub location is okay
  2. nvm it looks pretty sweet
  3. do you think having a top loaded sub with a vertical port will look a little funny?
  4. probably move the subs closer together cause it looks a little silly with them spaced
  5. so if that port size will work then this will roughly be what the box is gonna look like. im just gonna 3d print the dc logo
  6. its not a 3 common wall only one the box is 49" wide total
  7. well that size port isnt going to work with this box. so i was thinking of changing it to 7"x30" which if i'm doing it correctly is roughly a 4:1 ratio. so then would i make it around 20"?
  8. Awesome thanks man! i'll upload some pics of the design soon!
  9. yea its going to have a shared wall. and im not sure about amp yet were still looking for one. but were planning on running around 5k
  10. thanks man i really appreciate everybody on here thats willing to help others. its for 2 18" dc xl m4. the net will be 12 cubes @ 32 hz. i used your calculator and it says optimal port area should be 201 so i made the port 12 x 17. and WinISD says it should be 32.76" long. "also another side note" is this really gonna take up 4 cubes of volume????
  11. sorry for asking so many questions i just wanna try and get this as perfect as i can
  12. how much shorter though? i also have termlab available to me if i should try that out
  13. thats unfortunate i was hoping that this included end correction and i could use a smaller port
  14. Hey everybody, I'm building a box for a friend and im using WinISD, and when I calculate the port it gives me a port length or 32.76. Now, what I'm wondering is whether the value given is the physical length of the port? or is this what the effective port length should be with end correction included? Thanks!