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  1. Awesome work as always mark! thank you so much for sharing with us i love watching your videos and learning new tricks!
  2. awesome build man! how was that alt to get in there?
  3. Nothing really to this post i'm just proud of myself and wanted to show off my work 😎
  4. Question about using different voice coils

    ok a divider shouldn't be a big deal, i think they look kinda cool and because i am currently using a 15" AA Mayhem so just one would be a down grade haha
  5. Question about using different voice coils

    yea i realize what im doing. im just way to excited about these subs to wait any longer haha i've been staring at these things for 3 years now. its not like im gonna be trying to get numbers from them its just gonna be a daily driver. But i do have about 6 motors from these guys so later down the road i wanna buy 4 15" baskets and soft parts and put them in my Hatchback.
  6. Question about using different voice coils

    well because im on a very tight budget. i was planning on building the box with the port running down the center so i dont know if this would be considered separate chambers with a shared port?
  7. So I have two subzeros both needed a recone; we had both the kits sitting at my work so I did one and fucked it up because of inexperience. But after a little practice I got the second one to work and it was dual 1 ohm. so I emailed Earthquake and they no longer make or have dual 1 ohm voice coils. so my question is can I run a Dual 1 ohm sub in series @ 2 and a dual 4 ohm sub in parallel @ 2, then parallel both together to get 1 ohm? and can i use these subs in the same box?
  8. love the post man im so excited to see more. im playing with the idea of a wall in a hatchback but ive never done anything like that before so it really helps when people like you share your knowledge and expertise
  9. hey for the photos here it says please update account to enable 3rd party hosting does anybody know how to do this?
  10. Box Design Question

    i have one zapco 3k and two lightning audio 3 ks i found i was getting better numbers with the lightning audio amps. but i think thats because i didnt have enough power for the zapco. my aa subs are dual 2 ohm and my hybrids are dual 1 Thanks!!
  11. Box Design Question

    trying to build my own battery as i cannot afford anything else at the moment. each cell is 4v and 8.0 ah