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  1. From what I understand, this one is supposed to be pretty good on gas, but yeah I know what you mean. I have a friend that has two supercharged ones and they will drink gas if you get on them.
  2. Yeah, that's what everyone's been telling me and I live a couple miles from a lake so I could pretty much go whenever. I guess I can always get the Mayhem later.
  3. The fact that I've been planning on buying a Mayhem for awhile, but now I just found out I can afford a jet ski so....decisions, decisions...and I hate making these kinds of choices..
  4. I feel like that if I did have something to post it would now pale in comparison to the day that N8 is having.
  5. but I don't make enough to own a house, plus I'm 20 and fresh out of college lol
  6. I hate getting out of bed for that amount. I'm about to put in for about 3 jobs at the nuclear plant in my town, and if I get one (fingers crossed) I'll start out at like $24.
  7. On the money subject, I started out making like $5.15, then got bumped up to $7.25 and that's what I'm making now. It sucks...real hard..especially since I've got friends who work/do half as much as I do and make like $12 Oh and I've been doing this for 5 years, and they've been doing there's for maybe a year.
  8. we watched this at work over and over..... man that boost....... halfway down the track I thought he was going to lose it, but when he got it straight it straight left lol
  9. you wouldn't need the pcm repgrommed. What vehicle do you have? I've never heard of a Ford vehicle having the ground loop thing like GM vehicles.
  10. When someone wants me to listen to their system, and it's two different speakers by two different manufacturers on the same amp with the gain cranked, with both in different pre fab boxes, and they think it sounds great. Those subs were being clipped to hell and back.
  11. So are the cops supposed to change direction every mile ? no they just can't specifically follow a certain person for more than that, but then again I guess you couldn't prove that they were doing it.
  12. I know here, a cop can't follow you for more than a mile to try and find something to pull you over for. Happened to one of my buddies, cop followed him for close to to 3 miles and he swerved a little and got pulled over. When the cop came to the window and started questioning him, he asked the cop wasn't it illegal for him to follow for more than one mile, and the cop just told him to have a good day and left. Probably won't work for everyone though.
  13. If that was mine, I'd probably come home, open the back hatch, and sit there and stare at all the amps. Really been itching to try some Ampere goodness.
  14. makes me sad that intelligence is just completely absent in some people.....and that they're so ready to display it publicly, all over the internet. she's not really being serious about some of the stuff she says, and some of her vids are pretty funny. Plus she's is HOT
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