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  1. Why not spend the money on upgrading your electrical rather than buying a new amp? What amp do you currently have?
  2. SMD V3?Am I late or have you posted some pics of the v3? I wish Sky High still carried white, I had to get mine from someone else.
  3. I wish we had a lot of engineers like you where I work. Most of them won’t take any input unless it’s from another engineer, and if they came from Georgia Tech, then you really can’t tell them anything lol
  4. not going to try and sway you either way. I had thought about getting an EE degree, but I like working with my hands too much and they don't allow engineers to do that where I work. I went to tech school, got an electronics degree, and became an I&C Technician. I won't say exactly how much I make bc I don't like to brag and it may vary in different types of industry, but I will say I've only been here two years and made six figures last year plus I do make a little more than engineers.
  5. become an electrician, mechanic, or I&C tech at a power plant and you'll be amazed at the money that you'll have coming in.
  6. and just like that the STI doesn't seem as appealing and I know where your money has been going lately lol
  7. I have a 320, I think I shoot it a little better than my G19, I'm jealous of the 226, I'm currently trying to decide between a 226 Legion or entry level STI 2011
  8. ?Damn, I love the contrast with the white and black, going to look sick all put back together. Will the engine cover hide some of those oil lines sitting on the intake?
  9. the roof flex that you can see from within the vehicle does not match what you see on the outside. I don't think he made both of those videos playing at the same level..
  10. not 100% sure of the frequency I want to tune it to, on sundowns website I believe they recommend 32 Hz. Also would the box being a wedge shape make it more difficult?
  11. I think I remember a thread on here that was a discussion about an "easy" way to do it
  12. interesting. I've never attempted to build a transmission line box before
  13. @WalledSonicIt's a full four door truck, and most of the time it's just me or maybe me and the girlfriend. I didn't really think about that @MADVIBES, I would probably get a little more out of it if I face the subs down. I should be able to do that.
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