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  1. Amazing work bro!!! The garage has done you well haha! Keep up the good work man!
  2. Thanks everyone for the comments! Truly appreciated as always! I'm especially proud of the wiring under the hood. Turned out to be my crowning achievement in car audio as XS power posted it on their social media. (Hey it's something lol) Same here, I'm in love with the look of these level 4s. Even tho they could use a recone with stiffer suspensions. The spiders are looser than a hooker after a busy night! Lol! As for the lights, I went with the Spyder headlights, and the halogen bulbs suck!! Not happy with light output whatsoever. I ordered LED bulbs to replace them, but they haven't arrived yet. Other than the dismal low beam output, I'm pretty happy with them. (If led bulbs help). Unfortunately didn't get to test/tune yesterday like I had hoped. Son prematurely woke up from his nap and the rest is history lol. Good to hear your still plugging away at the wife's Malibu..any progress on yours? I've been slacking on checking up on build logs.. Just haven't had the time lately.
  3. Some day shots of the headlights, grille, and engine bay I did put in the Amperes, played with them for a bit wired at 1ohm. They were nice, the low lows were lacking, but the upper bass frequencies were hitting pretty good. (I know they aren't designed for low and sub 30hz). All in all first impression wise, id say a pretty good sub. Although nice subs, not really comparable to a level 4. And sooo the level 4s ended up back in. Lol
  4. Wanted to check all my connections, rework any that were sketchy. So I decided to redress the wire since I've had techflex and heat shrink.
  5. Getting some more work done this weekend. Updating as I go Started on the grille. Had to cut and modify the OEM grille and finagle the billet grille in, lot more tricky and time consuming than I thought it would be when I bought it... Owell, looks fairly good IMO. Not a 100% perfect fit, but nothing aftermarket is lol.
  6. Yes and no... I was sealed off before, just not as well, I think it definitely helped vs hurt. Overall tho, I think the best way to do a "trunk wall" like I am is to have the box all the way to the back of the trunk and then the sealed off part is built into the cabin. (If that makes any sense) I haven't gotten much play time on it since getting it back in. But will definitely keep updating on the results as I play it Another interesting twist, turns out I don't have a coil gone... I used bigger washers on my bolt terminals coming from the box, and I think the pos/neg were just close enough to arc... That's my only conclusion anyway... Wiring was correct and when I checked coils after pulling from box, they all checked out... So with that said, I still have those ampere audio 2.5s so I think a little comparison is in order
  7. Gorilla taped it to help seal it off and give me a contour/shape to put the carpet on. Masked off the box face and laid out the carpet Finished product
  8. New headlights wired up I added an front facing led strip on the bottom of each housing.
  9. Thanks buddy. It was definitely a bummer and a blow to the overall build. (Both the coil and the accident.) But on the bright side, I got a nice insurance claim, and I believe I can make it look "ok" with no real major body work. Won't be perfect but for a 10 year old car, but it's whatever at this point. At least it'll sound good on the inside... "It's what's inside that counts" LOL
  10. Which brings me to the next update/issue... I blew a coil..... Don't necessarily know when or how... I'm guessing at the comp I went to in August, before I tore the box out this last time... Noticed it wasn't nearly as loud when I put it back in, so I checked coils... Got one reading 10+ohms.... :( Still don't know if I'm gonna recone or just try and sell as is. I got something up my sleeve for future subs. But in the meantime, I got a steal of a deal on a couple ampere audio 2.5s.
  11. Long update, bare with me... A lot has happened in the last 2 or so weeks... The Malibu took a hit about 2 weeks ago... Nothing major but was backed into in the parking lot at work.. Decent amount of damage just bc of the place it was hit. Bumper, fender, hood, grill, grill trim, and headlight.. $2000+ in damage. Here's some pics It broke the headlight mounts (my headlight was hanging over my bumper when I first saw it) and my blinker inside the headlight housing is also broken. Decided I'm going to fix myself... Put some of my body work experience to good use lol. So I ordered new headlights, grill, and trim piece. Gonna try to salvage the bumper, and I'll body work the hood and fender rather than replacing with aftermarket (which suck btw) New spyder projector headlights (with Cree LED low beam bulbs) and grill came in today
  12. More progress on the trunk and box. Cut out some wood pieces for the sides, also top and bottom. I used the posts I attached on the side of the box as "studs" (The bare wood pieces will be carpeted when finished) These pictures are pre deadener and spray foam. That will be my last step for the evening, and then hopefully back at it again tmrw.
  13. Box after paint. Went with a metallic hammered paint for the face, gloss black for port. I didn't tape it off, so front edges of port were silver to match face bc much of that won't be seen once installed anyway.
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