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  1. @sundownz whats the word on the components? Is there going to be another batch of v3? I need tweeters and such... the official reseller in my part of Canada only has original and v2 and down4sound is out do you have a set laying around the warehouse or perhaps a v4 in the works?
  2. A proud new father to a beautiful baby girl 

  3. Just read 84 pages of dopeness

    your a beast. 

  4. Doesn’t look like this has been posted so I’ll just drop this here for people who see this and are interested like myself. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SlPvnTZvlwI&feature=emb_title&time_continue=333
  5. I may step it down to the Sfb-2000... don’t want to blow the sub **for anyone reading this whose interested ** - just got word from Bryan at sundown... go with a 2000 for the pair. so now I sit and wait
  6. Not the best to answer, but I have been researching the sae line and the Sfb line of amps and the sae is Korean and will run .5 ohms. if the sa-10 ‘s can handle the Sfb 3000 (1 ohm stable not .5) should I be looking at the Sfb-5000 for some sa-12’s ?
  7. Wondering what I could put under the hood of a 06 Chevy Malibu maxx
  8. Under the hood swap or secondary? From what I’ve read the second battery will cause strain on the alternator. hehehe pampers, I’m just hoping I don’t have to get formula side note... huggies FTW
  9. Pro tip** I will need it, this is gonna put me in the hole... should I do alternator first? Really need to pinch pennies and save now, just found out after buying speakers, amplifier and now a sub I gotta baby on the way... was trying to save space in trunk but now I don’t even know.
  10. More power= lower gains makes sense. Any suggestions as to what I should be considering for my electrical upgrades?
  11. Stock 06 Malibu Maxx lt.... im already thinking I’m going to need a ho alternator if I want to get a second sub, I believe it’s 110amp stock. and I think I’m due for a new battery soon. This is a new build/install. Acquiring the goods still thanks for your response
  12. Thanks for the response, are you hinting at daily driving vs competition? Or ya.. care to elaborate. I’m trying to figure out what amp to get.
  13. It says 750 watts maximum but I see a lot of people saying they feed them 1000 or even 1500 just fine... My question is what is the actual amount of juice I should aim for ?
  14. Headlight fastener snapped off

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