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  1. @sundownz whats the word on the components? Is there going to be another batch of v3? I need tweeters and such... the official reseller in my part of Canada only has original and v2 and down4sound is out do you have a set laying around the warehouse or perhaps a v4 in the works?
  2. I’m debating between the sundown sa v2 tweeters and maybe pioneer ones to match the speakers for doors.. only problem for pioneer is the size . Any others I should look at.
  3. A proud new father to a beautiful baby girl 

  4. I was just wondering should I be getting one of these or something similar for a stock head unit.. I also am liking the looks of there epicentre indash unit. Any guidance is is much appreciated.
  5. Just read 84 pages of dopeness

    your a beast. 

  6. This has been put on hold for a bit due to the worlds circumstances. I’m waiting for the local shop to respond with a price on my sfb2000 and second sa-12. As I went to my car the other day I watched my emblem fall off, the tape adhesive gave. so I found some scrap vinyl and got bored gave wrapping a try. im no ”C.K. wraps” but we’ll see once I get it back on with some 3m tape. gotta get the back one off now.
  7. The devil you know... documentary about DuPont Good watch
  8. I’m pretty sure all bank employees will be switching to the remote access platform after this. prime minister guy in Canada just basically announced things won’t get back to normal here until there’s a vaccine
  9. I know supply vs demand but with this theory we should have cheap gas for a while, because those oil pumps don’t stop for nothing and you can bet they weren’t extracting less oil than they could
  10. I think it’s safe to blame bill gates for this epic world wide panic. I have noticed With all the store fronts closed/closing looting is up... pretty sad. Stores are boarding up windows to prevent smashed windows. woke up to like 5 cruisers arresting some lady who tried to rob convince store. Was a great dewalt add there with the drilled out lock . just seen a tiger is now infected from a trainer... wtf I thought animals gave it to the people. and now for what I know... i know I’m fine and wish all of you the same. I know gas is cheap as shit right now, w
  11. Hehehehe the “Rona” i had the shits... turns out I have to stay at Home Depot for a couple weeks, either way I’m still with an empty bank account. And no T.P.
  12. Definitely how you can tell who’s paid who off. and it only the favourites that get to work as I’ve been layed off
  13. They are handing out fines to businesses and people in Canada $1000 if you don’t keep 2 meters apart unless you’re from same address. businesses are way more, $100000 for overcharging also
  14. Aren’t they doing anything online for them where you are? All I’ve seen was an Asian man getting carted out on a stretcher by hazmat looking paramedics,looking horrified and half dead.
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