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  1. @sundownz whats the word on the components? Is there going to be another batch of v3? I need tweeters and such... the official reseller in my part of Canada only has original and v2 and down4sound is out do you have a set laying around the warehouse or perhaps a v4 in the works?
  2. A proud new father to a beautiful baby girl 

  3. Just read 84 pages of dopeness

    your a beast. 

  4. Doesn’t look like this has been posted so I’ll just drop this here for people who see this and are interested like myself. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SlPvnTZvlwI&feature=emb_title&time_continue=333
  5. This build looks pretty epic.. wheres the updates?? Hope everyone’s staying healthy today.
  6. I may step it down to the Sfb-2000... don’t want to blow the sub **for anyone reading this whose interested ** - just got word from Bryan at sundown... go with a 2000 for the pair. so now I sit and wait
  7. Not the best to answer, but I have been researching the sae line and the Sfb line of amps and the sae is Korean and will run .5 ohms. if the sa-10 ‘s can handle the Sfb 3000 (1 ohm stable not .5) should I be looking at the Sfb-5000 for some sa-12’s ?
  8. Nicely done, what was the remedy? and I was kidding with the sticker... can’t do that to all this nice craftsmanship
  9. Seeing this made me actually look into scratch removal on plexiglass... a heat gun apparently can make that go away. i would try the basic microfibre cloth and scratch remover compound method before anything.
  10. I’ve been checking in on this build from time to time... ( looks awesome by the way) but seeing this so close to the end... what a kick in the nuts. You gonna replace it or put a sticker over it?
  11. Wondering what I could put under the hood of a 06 Chevy Malibu maxx
  12. Under the hood swap or secondary? From what I’ve read the second battery will cause strain on the alternator. hehehe pampers, I’m just hoping I don’t have to get formula side note... huggies FTW
  13. Pro tip** I will need it, this is gonna put me in the hole... should I do alternator first? Really need to pinch pennies and save now, just found out after buying speakers, amplifier and now a sub I gotta baby on the way... was trying to save space in trunk but now I don’t even know.
  14. More power= lower gains makes sense. Any suggestions as to what I should be considering for my electrical upgrades?
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