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  1. Now that I look at the last picture I wonder if I could/should incorporate those grooves into added box support/stability ... and should i be considering a ground distribution block?
  2. Doesn’t look like this has been posted so I’ll just drop this here for people who see this and are interested like myself. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SlPvnTZvlwI&feature=emb_title&time_continue=333
  3. I’d think a doctor specializing in ears and a ct scan is the answer. Or mri.. I don’t know which tinnitus could be diagnosed when you go in a soundproof room
  4. Awesome build! i believe outta the fridge I have tried the blue moon Belgian white and have seen the surround sound but didn’t try it.
  5. This build looks pretty epic.. wheres the updates?? Hope everyone’s staying healthy today.
  6. Less is best.. i was looking at the 2400nex and others.. but apparently one or two or the models have a lot of problems or something I don’t know what to believe on the internet anymore.. i kinda like the option to play my cds still
  7. I’m no pro... but based off of some of these vape videos where the lithium battery’s burn up people’s pockets and that’s just a little 1860mah cell... id take the alternator setup
  8. Forgot the sub in the pictures of stuff sa-12 Swiped this pic off the net because my trunk area is a mess, but this is basically what I got space wise I figure i have up untill the slot grooves on the sides for width The tape is another 3.5 inch Back of the seat to back of car There may have been a little more but I wanted some trunk... but after posting this I don’t think I’m getting any trunk left. Shit.. And when I went to my vehicle.... the chrome trim on my doors has been stolen.. what a prick job
  9. Awesome. you deserve an award or something, everywhere I go on this forum you seem to be. now does anybody have any suggestions as to how I should approach my box? I’m thinking just build the dual and use the one sub until I get the other.
  10. Last night I was talking to the woman’s belly and my baby swam over and bumped my cheek. Happiest moment of my life
  11. I actually really like the look of these, nice clean look.. but none really mentioned the copper quality. Doesn’t it defeat the purpose of “oxygen free” when the tinned copper ferrules are regular?
  12. I believe it was a statement from maybe you that helped me choose them... but the main sale point was price, they gave me a pretty sweet deal, maybe just good timing. Got like $120 off the dual amp kit and they had unboxed/unspooled speaker wire 2 for 1. the positive and negative battery terminals looked pretty sweet so I grabbed them buy1 get 1 with bonus “posts” all that and it was still significantly cheaper than a single amp 0gauge from sky high (was like $400). Some mark ups are ridiculous up here. I was worried it wasn’t going to be OFC because how cheap I scored it (was close to the CCA prices). only thing bad I can say is marketing. KnuKonceptz Kanada.... is the mascot a beaver wearing a pillowcase, throwing a noosed rope over a maple tree? Great feeling wire though.
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