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  1. I've been in Milpitas all week and have been feeling them every couple of hours. We had a 4.1 on Wednesday night and another Thursday mid day..followed by a ton of small microquakes
  2. Sorry Guys..work is so busy and strong that I barely have to sleep any more. That's all good and all that the truck can run 12's...but you need to ask yourself a couple of questions: 1) are you into aftermarket upgrades? 2) are you wanting to Tow with it or race it? Doing upgrades to the motor is fine and dandy, but wanting to go fast, does not help with towing. Typically when doing speed upgrades, the EGT's tend to get HOT and FAST. For towing, you don't want the high EGT's. High EGT's for a 1/4 mile at a time are one thing, but it's a complete different world when you need your truck for towing and your EGT's are high for hours at a time. Personally, I really like the 6.7 and if/when I get another truck, it will be the motor in my rig. I've been driving the 5.9 for many many years and it too is a fantastic motor. The issue with the 5.9 is that it has been through soo many revisions, that it's kind of towards the end of its lifespan. The 6.7 really was released as a replacement for the 5.9 and my guess is that you will start seeing the 5.9 production slowing down in the next 2-5 years. kev
  3. According to what I understand, the Carrier file will be released at 10am PST today. Once it's released, you just have to upate your phone through ITunes, so that the feature can be enabled.
  4. As said above, just leave the 10-40 in the car, it won't hurt anything. There is very little difference between 5w and 10w
  5. The only sidearm that I will carry is a Glock. My current sidearm is a G19C.
  6. The biggest problem with the Sigma and especially for a woman is that they have such a heavy trigger pull. Stock, they are about 12lbs. Definitely take her shopping and let her get something that is comfortable in her hand. Woman have smaller hands than men, so she might want to look at something that that has a narrower grip and a single stack magazine vs a double also, I'd look at revolvers. I too am a major support of revolvers. People don't seem to like them nowadays because they don't look cool...but if only they had a clue as to how effective they were. Why waste time in clearing the slide of a jam in a panic situation when with a revolver all you have to do is squeeze the trigger again and move on?
  7. Yep...been here since 93. It's pretty bad-ass here if you are into outdoor activities. I live just due north of the airport (on the Eastern Plains), so I am about 30 minutes from the mountains and about 30 minutes from anywhere in town. As far as the job market goes, it definately isn't the worst, but like other cities we are currently seeing our highest unemployment rate ever. It really depends on what field you are in. Me personally I'm in IT and well...currently there are not many jobs in this field available right now. Feel free to PM or holla if you have any direct questions.
  8. It really depends on the vehicle. Most vehicle manufactures actually put it on/inside the gas tank, since the float device is really what tells the sending unit the level of fuel in which remains. You could also have a stuck float...which is why it reads full and empty only but this too would require dropping the tank
  9. Most likely either the sending unit or the electronics to it are shot. I'd start by dropping the tank and testing with a volt meter whether the sending unit is working or not. Kev
  10. Keep in mind that stock diesels do any where from 24-32lbs of boost. Diesels put out much more boost than gassers. Anyone here that has a diesel and has modded the fuel system and exhaust it is easilly getting 35-50lbs
  11. Nice Rig...I too never leave the house without my Galco. Got their concealable model
  12. Steve, If I could make one huge suggestion FWIW that helped the wife and I get our cars....call AAA Fleet sales and see if they can't find you what you want at a damn good price (and no you don't have to be an AAA member to take advantage of their services). When we called them and told them what we wanted (about a 15 minute conversation), they found the cars, with the options that we wanted, told us what their price was (about $6000 less than the dealer price). There was absolutely 0 haggling, no salesmen to deal with...NADA. The next day, he had us qualified and had the cars on his lot. We rolled up, spent 10 minutes signing paperwork and left with the cars. NO JOKE, the whole deal was less than 1 hour at a much better cheaper price than any local car lot can do, and we visited 3 other dealers beforehand. I will NEVER step foot on another car lot again. AAA Fleet sales always for me from now on. Kev
  13. Although I think them Caddy's are sick.... Just remember that the American Automotive industry is still quite shakey. That's why for the time being I bought rock solid German engineering. Then once the market here gets better is when I'll go back to buying American. It would suck to buy a car of that value and watch GM go belly up (although none of us want to see this happen). I'll tell ya too...talk about the best of all three worlds...got comfort, got speed and the car handles like it's on rails Weight Unladen - 3594 (3605) lbs Weight distribution, front/rear – 51.5/48.5 % Performance Liter/type - Twin Turbo 3.0/inline 6 Nominal output - hp/rpm 300/5800 Max. torque lb-ft/rpm - 300/1400-5000 Top speed - 150 mph Acceleration 0-60 mph – 5.4 sec And I am still seeing an average of 24mpg
  14. Welcome to Denver is about all I can say...lol EDIT: CSP has withdrawn the ticket... http://www.9news.com/news/article.aspx?sto...7&catid=339
  15. I'm not trying to argue a point, i'm making general statements based on my experience. You guys make it sound like if he goes up to 24's that he will have a catastrophic brake failure and his vehicle will never stop. Yes a BBK will always be helpful and help a vecicle stop quicker since it has more surface area. But if we are going to keep using Steve as the comparison tool, why has he been ok for many years without one? My Point is that yes it will be helpful, but no it is not Necesary. Ohh and as far as me being a tool...that's ok, cause unlike you, I have a ban stick, so let's keep this civilized.
  16. I'm not saying they are the same thing, I'm just saying that changing from 25lb wheels 35lb wheels isn't going to overstress the brakes. If the OP was talking about having 2000lbs of equipment inside the vehicle like Steve has, then yes i would look into other upgrades, but the original post says nothing about what equipment or added weight is in the vehicle.
  17. If the weight is on the outside of the rim and they are 100lb rims..possibly. But for a wheel to add 10-15lbs, there won't be a huge difference, especially on city streets.
  18. Not trying to cause an argument, but I would highly disagree with the statement above. How can adding 40-100lbs of rolling resistance put the brakes past their threshold of stopping the vehicle? 40-100lbs of rolling resistance is no worse than adding a 150lb passenger or 2. Investing in a better brake pad is not a bad idea, but your brakes will be fine.
  19. I actually have a pretty extensive wireless background and well here's your problem. N uses the same frequency as A, in which is 5 Ghz. The issue with 5Ghz is that it has lots of bandwidth, but it doesn't have a ton of range. Hense the reason why B and G started using 2.4 Ghz (along with everything else), but 2.4 is lacking channel space. If you want to stick with N, you'll need to put up another Acces point in your place in which sits inside of the coverage path of the main AP and make then repeaters. This will give you the range that you need. BTW, The only real benefit to N is channel space. Truly no computer will benefit from the added bandwidth unless you are running applications like Voip in which can utilize the available bandwidth. People have this idea that faster means better, but XP and Vista can't even travel at 100M over copper, let alone over wirless (and for the Skeptics, yes I have benchmarked this with network utilization tools at my office). Kev
  20. I'm with ya...I too am a huge fan of staggered wheels. Unfortunately with the AWD system, there is only a tolerance of 1% between the front and rear wheel diameter. So the only way that I would be able to achieve is by having 235/35/19 up front and 265/30/19 in the rear, in which really limits which tires I can go with and the only benefit is that controls understeering. So i'm just going to stick with a single tire size all around to keep things simple.
  21. It was time for a change. Between the truck market absolutely crashing with the economy and with how much the wife and I drive, the trucks were just starting to cost too much money and we figured it was time to get something more economical. You figure our fuel bill alone was well over $750 a month. So, here's the new fleet. A pair of 2009 BMW 335i XDrive's.
  22. Thanks, I've been talking with Gill and Gary at Tirerack and they can't seem to get the brands that I'm looking for.
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