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  1. Waiting on new subs, **** you ice..

  2. I don't see why it matters within the same brand. I'm purchasing a Sundown products for my next build. I'm not saying Skar vs Sundown. Or Rockford Fosgate vs kicker. Whether I wanted E series, SD series, SA series, X series, ZV4 series, Nightshade series, or Team series. I'm purchasing a Sundown product which in no way, shape, or form hurts their business. It's hard to make a purchase without being well informed on a product? I got a reasonable answer on the topic, & thanks for the input. Topic can be locked if N8 wishes to do so.
  3. This is hypothetical. An X 12 in a particular vehicle, best app, does 142 db at 33 hz. An SA 15 in the same vehicle, best app, does 143.5 db @ 48 hz. Similar spl levels, completely different purposes. I guess this question can't even get close to being answered.
  4. Might try em & see, if all else fails.. Sell em & get SA 15s and hope to God I gain something from it. I'm extremely pressed for space when it comes for a build with X 15s, I know for a fact I can do SA 15s. That's why I asked about the X 12s since it was a pretty good deal. If that wasn't the case (space), I'd definitely do X 15s.
  5. Sounds like the SA 15 exceeds the X 12 in a same power app. That's just my guess. If I was to run SAs I would run 2k to them, If I was to run X's I would run about 3.5k to them. So where would it stand there if both was in the right app? Just a ballparks idea, before this guy sells those X's before I have an opportunity to get them.
  6. ^ I'm wanting to really bad. Just trying to avoid a loss in output, wish it was a perfect world.
  7. Here's the deal. I know a guy that's selling two X 12's for the same price that I can get two SA 15s. Which route would you go? I know the 15's exceed the 12's in cone area, but then again the X's have more mechanical capability, power handling, & motor force. Does this compensate for their size to exceed the SA's in output in the right app?
  8. Think what he's asking is, 2 x 12s in an inefficient box vs 1 x 12 in an efficient box.
  9. Why are you so bent on a T line? T lines take up a lot of space, and a properly designed ported box can achieve what your after.
  10. If you can afford backing up your electrical, that would be an excellent amp for them. Long as your sending clean power to them. Plus, as long as your not just punishing them with constant sine waves, they should be fine on music. If your worried about blowing them, just look up some torture tests that the sa series have been through. It's an act of God to blow them. Recones are just $40 a piece if it does happen. Lot of assurance.
  11. The X Series and Zv4 Series have like characteristics as far as sound goes.. Low distortion, high output daily drivers in stock form. 1250 rms for the X series and 1750 rms for the Zv4 series as everyone knows.. Would it be possible (as I'm sure Jacob could make) a lower rms sub that has the same characteristics as the X and Zv4 series? Nothing but customer feedback, something like an sa series woofer but without the tightening of the suspension over stroke, a low distortion, lower rms sub for people in the market that don't want to run 1250 rms to achieve that goal.. Again this is a suggestion, I've been thinking about it for a long time..
  12. Learn something new everyday. I thought it meant just excursion in general.
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