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  1. It's been forever since I've been here. And I hate posting in here, as it seems to be a secondary junk drawer, but.... I would like to know how to cancel my bronze membership as it comes time for renewal. Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction?
  2. How bout them Cowboys! Taking down the Saints with some impressive defense. And, some love from the officials never hurts! lol
  3. nice build man. here with ya in that trunk life. dropped a 48.1 last weekend at Lincoln City. sealed on the dash. my personal best. that 50 feels like a dream....sigh.
  4. Alright everyone..... What is everyone's prediction on how the '18 season will go? Some descent shake ups with free agency and some greats retiring. I'm a Cowboy fan to the bone, so it's obvious who I'll be pulling for. Losing Witten is huge. Dez, not so much. (lol). Full season with Zeke brings a smile to my face.....only time will tell....... let the debates begin!
  5. Triticum Agricolum gets my vote. Kyle (Blackwelder), or I think he goes by "kyblack", can be a little harsh at times, but know's his shit. Joe (X) is a good one. Cable guy....he may have changed his name, is a cat who's been around for a minute. those names come to mind, but I'm sure someone else will chime in.
  6. busy as can be with life, kids, divorce, and competing in the lanes. never really learned how to post pics here...so i suck. always pop in every now and then...seeing that I'm paying for the membership. hope all is well out there folks!  -J

  7. fantastic thread! I drive an '07 Aveo sedan....similiar, but not the same...I've taken many notes, when I break down and wall her. Hats off bro! Still tuned in!
  8. Awesome! Last year was my first Surf City! Had a great time! Look forward to seeing ya there man!
  9. Lookin great Tyler! I'm sure this won't be ready by the SHCA BBQ, not that I'll be able to make it out anyway.....sure hope you can get this sweet whip up North to us Washington and Oregon guys this season....looks likes its really gonna move some air!!
  10. Anyone predict any upsets today in the college football playoffs? Washington Huskies are a 14 point underdog....I live in WA, so a lot of folks around here are pulling for a miracle...should be entertaining to watch! Thoughts?
  11. Wishing everyone a safe and happy new year! may you all be prosperous, wise, and loud!!

  12. great thread guys... gains properly set, adequate electrical, enclosure size, box rise, mechanical limits, even the music chosen......their really is a lot of factors that go in to the amount of clean power a subwoofer can receive. clamping is the only real world way of knowing I suppose.
  13. I have forward facing subs, forward facing port kerfed, and i'm in the process of flipping the box to have port on driver side, and sealing her off real good...I'm hoping to raise a whole dB by doing this!
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