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  1. Hey everyone...I'd like to know if a mod or someone can point me in the right direction to cancel my bronze membership? I just paid for a new year and would like to have it cancelled. I'm never really on here anymore and it just doesn't seem logical to pay for something I'm not using. Thanks in advance!
  2. fantastic thread! I drive an '07 Aveo sedan....similiar, but not the same...I've taken many notes, when I break down and wall her. Hats off bro! Still tuned in!
  3. Wishing everyone a safe and happy new year! may you all be prosperous, wise, and loud!!

  4. I've used other brands in the past...then tried second skin...sold for life! Second Skin for the Win!!
  5. I look forward to many great things from your company Nick!
  6. Thanks audiofanaticz! I've never really seen the butyl rope before...I wasn't aware of it being two sided! I'll check in to the products you listed above. Back to my question, when gluing liner, would it be best to glue liner to door panel, or liner to door?
  7. Thanks Leo, I know. My question was adhesive on the door and liner, or on the door panel and liner. I really like the idea of industrial Velcro.. Not permanent, but very secure.
  8. Morning fellow headz! I would like to know what is the best method to apply damplifier pro to my doors. 1) Apply adhesive to the door it self and damplifier, then seal together or.. 2) Apply adhesive to door panel and damplifier, then seal together. #1 sounds like it would make a more sound contact, but if I have to get a new window, or re-do my tint, I'd have to tear it out. #2 sounds more practical, but I'm curious if it will affect my custom door panels further down the road. ??? Second, has anyone used butyl rope to help seal their door jams, trunk seal, hood seal? Is this a good idea, or...????
  9. a friend of mine has one...they don't list the specs on the site. he thinks 16 to 17 inches... not really a solid answer, hope this helps. im sure someone will give an exact depth!
  10. bigger peak=smaller bandwidth, and a smaller ratio will be much more flat with larger bandwidth, and less peak. I think?....
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