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  1. Ha Ha.....I wish it was that simple. The part about that is transferring all that over. Probably my best bet. Just wish there was a headunit with cassette AND handsfree built in.
  2. My Dad has a 2004 Crown Vic and wants a new headunit. Problem is he wants built in Handsfree for his phone and Mom requires it to have a cassette player. Closest I have found is a radio from a Focus with cassette and bluetooth streaming. Only way out of the cassette is to find all her old gospel music on CD and that just ain't happening. She refuses to go CD if she can't still have all her gospel music. I have kicked around the idea of a double din in the dash with NAV/Handsfree and run a 1 din deck in the glove box just for cassettes going into the double din thru the AUX plugs. Don't know how well that would work out tho'. Seems like my only option. I am willing to try an aftermarket Handsfree kit but it can't be an AUX unit as I think they only work if the radio is using the AUX IN. This would not allow my Mom to play cassettes and have the Handsfree also work at the same time.(I could be wrong) Please help me out......thanks in advance
  3. You can get a lot of bump from two 8's. I have ran from 1 to 4 Sundown E8's and those things are some little beasts.
  4. Can you post a cut sheet. I got 2 E8's sittin here and this looks like it might sound good.
  5. I love the show and don't care it's not 100% street cars. They still gotta drive them down that road race time. I wish they would really dump some more power in the Farmtruck.
  6. So how hard does this box hit. What could you compare it to speaker wise. 2 12's....2 15's....even more. I now have 4 of these and want to build a box in the trunk of my very porting thru the rear armrest area.
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