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  1. Man it Was cold in the lanes yesterday! But the single X-8 did great! It did the 150db with ease! I think I'm gonna start a post on it and the build
  2. It FINALLY happened in the lanes at the show yesterday!!!!!!!!! Took me 3 attempts with 3 149.8db runs! That was frustrating as heck but last run she did a 150.1db! I'm proud of my little 6.5's. I will post the video in just a bit but these are some screen shots as well as what all I won at the show!
  3. Will do, I've done some more testing with the single 8" sub to this week. Still haven't went full tilt on it yet i want to save it for the lanes but I'm not far off from the 150db mark with the single 8" sub in the Sniper box now!
  4. Well I hope to make the 150db with the 2 6.5's official in the lanes this weekend. I'm also shooting for a 150db with a single 8" sub and a 147db with a single 6.5" sub this weekend as well. Wish me luck!
  5. I also compete a little in single 8" sub challange as well. My current record was set with a 146.7db. I decided to make a test box to try inside my Sniper box, same concept as the 6.5 but for a single 8". I did a partial power test hit on it and was pleased with the results. Much more to come on this one as well.
  6. This is the story of the one day build we did for my dad on his 55 Bel-Air "Dirty Bird" I had already planed on doing a sound system in here but ended up trading it off to have all the pinstripe work done on it. So this is the story on it
  7. Thanks guys, we tested for almost a year to get this. It was a wild ride with some stressful moments for sure. My wife has been a huge support for me through out this ride. She goes to every show she can with me. I can't wait to the Sundown X-6.5sw v.3 comes out. I feel like it's going to be a game changer for me. It is DVC and has a lot more X-Max as well as motor force. I got the pleasure of checking it out and getting a few pictures of it compared to the v.2. From left to right. S.A.-6.5, X-6.5sw v.2, X-6.5sw v.3. Last picture of the X-6.5sw v.3 nex to a X-8
  8. The Sniper v.2 box is already built. My daughter did the artwork on this one as well. I run in a 0-24" class so we decided to run 3-6.5's in a larger box this time. I've had this box put up cause I set my goal to do a 150db with just 2 by the end of the year and a 147db with just a single 6.5 before I bring out the Triple Threat in the Sniper v.2 box. It's hard to capture all the fine details my daughter puts in here art work by pictures but she spends hours on her work. I will begin testing this setup at the first of the year.
  9. Lol I've always just referred to it as a series tuned 6th order. I'm honestly not for sure if that is the proper name for. I had the idea of it that's why we started with the single just to see how it react. I almost gave up at first because I was destroying too many Subs. The once I figure it out how to keep him from unloading. I just kept testing and testing making the slightest of changes and the numbers kept climbing
  10. It's been a LONG time since I have updated this build on here! Hope my video shows up! ? I compete in N.S.P.L. so I only test for that class and don't give out my build specs cause I still compete. My scores are Outlaw with mic in the kick with the subs firing from cargo area. That is how the class I compete in is setup. However for those that like to know I'm about 1db down for a legal sealed score mic on windshield. This video was from start to finish for me reaching my 150db goal I set for my self.
  11. WOW its been a long time since I've been on here! Hope I remember how to post stuff!!! WHAT UP!!!!!!!!!


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