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  1. I choose to upgrade my amp to the SFB-1500d. Seen the videos and thought why not, good power and small size. Well I get the box and no instructions, no fuse rating, nothing. Go to Sundown website and no info anywhere on the full bridge lineup. Has anyone purchased/ installed one of these yet. Any info you can give on input sensitivity, fuse, etc. I'm having trouble setting the gains correctly and seem weird that they would have products with no web info.
  2. We've all learned our lesson as noob's. I'm pretty sure both won't go this route again
  3. By the way, that's a nice hairpin you have. With the big3 and XS batt you should be good.
  4. My mechman averages 14.4. It just depends on the car and electrical setup. Please make sure you do the big 3. THANKS
  5. You might only charge at 14.4. You'll never know until you install the alt. Either way 14.4-14.8 you'll still be fine.
  6. ^^^Same with me...LOL Actually I've never tested speaker ohm reading ever in my life. Why would I? If no sound I'm calling the ebay, store, whoever ASAP
  7. What he said^^ Also ebay claims department is legit. If all fails with the seller they will handle it. They're big on customer satisfaction.
  8. I found my actual size of my factory belt by going to the auto parts store and then i selected a belt they had in stock that was about 1 inch shorter. This method can only be done by part numbers not make and model. Took about 15minutes of research but I got it right the first time.
  9. What size alt to you have? It will never hurt to get 2 xp3000's but you should be ok with 1
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