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  1. Thanks for all the info last year ya'll. I have decided to rebuild, go with more port area, box sounds great just time for a change. Did decent numbers with this setup but peaking higher then I would like. I am looking for some more suggestions, would like to really feel the lows. I swear this corolla his tough af to get loud. Now weighing my options between aeroport and slot port. I can fit 14.75Hx35Wx26D max. I have thought about port facing back the width of the box but maybe im missing something. Cant achieve port area and tuning that I want. Fi recommended 65-75in I'm shooting for 32hz or lower. prefer lower if possible. Thanks for any info guys! Still on AQ3500.1, dual input version
  2. Ok so I think this should work out pretty good I did calc's with and without bracing. I will add that if needed. This double baffle should hold up just fine. Im using maple.
  3. how would port area requirements change if I went aeroport? still 15-17cuft per cube?
  4. Ok so I will measure again too see if i can make it to 14.5" tall but i believe this is the best i can do. and this is maxing out my space for the most part. I could maybe move some stuff around if need be. Also, sub will be oriented facing up with port on back right facing passenger side of car fwiw.
  5. What would I lose out on by decreasing box size? Im willing to tune to 32hz if thats recommended i would like some good bandwidth so that should help. looking like a 5" wide port to meet port area.
  6. The typer is all dust cap haha. I would heat up the edges of dustcap and slowly and carefully pull it off then glue new one in place.
  7. Decided to tune lower. Worked with a buddy on design. Throwing this out to see what you guys think. Gonna start build this weekend, cant wait to hear this damn thing. Thanks for all the input so far.
  8. haha, damnit. I was planning on 17 tall and didnt switch it up haha.
  9. Just got my hands on a mint SP4 15" been running a 12" of the same sub so pretty excited to see what this thing can do with more cone area. I am putting this into a 2011 toyota corolla on an AQ3500.1 (4300rms). Max dimensions are 35wx17hx27.5d. I would like it to be smaller than that if possible but I do understand I may need to give up all of my room. If I could get some design help that would be cool. Not sure how much port area to shoot for but am pretty sure I should be shooting for around 14in sp/ft (open to suggestion), looking for some direction or some ideas if anyone has the time to help with a design that would be much appreciated. Also, I was told going sub up port to the side i would be the loudest. I have done some experimenting and have found that port to the back passenger side does seem to carry lower notes the best... fwiw. Thanks for any help or input.
  10. I emailed my buddy. $405 shipped for 250 amps for your vehicle....
  11. Have you guys heard of CES (Custom Electrical Services)? I got my alt from them for my 2011 toyota corolla, not a single issue yet. 170amps at idle, 240+ @ 2000rpm
  12. I did consider straps, no real way to fasten them down in my trunk. I've seen some nice trunk installs with hardwood flooring in the trunk. Gonna probably do that so i will need plywood in the trunk anyway. Shouldnt have to take sub in and out very often luckily, only for road trips.
  13. I currently have an S1500 and am going to be adding a second along with a second battery. I am just looking for some pics and input on how I should do this install or things to be aware of. I will be running one amp to each VC for ~3k total. Given that what size fuses should I go with? 1 under hood, 1 @ second batt, 1 for each amp. I was thinking 300 for main power runs and 250 at amps since that is where they would go into over current protection. I want to do a small amp rack if anyone has any example pics I would be interested to see them. Also, how do you guys usually fasten down your boxes? Mine will move around from the sub being so damn heavy and just looking for ideas to lock it down, currently thinking of adding a piece of plywood to the trunk thats cut to fit the trunk carpet and fastening to that with bolts... would make removal a bitch so just want to see some examples. Thanks for any info or input.
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