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  1. Well I'm talking about the accessory slots, I like how they are only in places you would actually want to put shit. I can a hundred tubes from almost anywhere but I have yet to fall in love with any
  2. Anyone here know what this forend is...or can anyone point me in the direction of one similar? I dig this style, though maybe not quite so long
  3. 12s is cool imo, means you are using some bank power but nothing crazy. But for sure an alt will keep that up some. My Singer 180A kept my voltage at like 12.6 at the lowest with my 3800 at .25.
  4. Just got back from the range, put 100rds through it. First time actually shooting an AR so I can't compare it to others but it's a solid rifle. I'm not a great shot but I was grouping shots pretty damn well. I think optics of some kind would help a lot but for out of the box shooting I'm a fan.
  5. Used some Christmas money to buy an M&P 15 today, hoping to get down to the range tomorrow and try it out.
  6. Oh shit didn't know those were available. Does the 360 emulator work okay for them? The couple I've tried have been really rough.
  7. I've seen a few that don't like it, I hear it has to do with customers wanting to check out a holster or something and they'll pull out their loaded gun and start playing with it in the store.
  8. ^^^this. until there is solid paperwork on the situation i dont think anybody is going to point fingers and drop names. thats how people get shot. Was just going to say this. I think even most of those in "the know" aren't even entirely sure of the whole story, and no one wants to be spreading untruths. That said I still think the whole point of the thread went right over so many heads....the specifics don't matter. Just watch your asses, always.
  9. I always wondered why there weren't decent adapters out there, seems like something a lot of people could use. These look great man, brilliant use of the CNC.
  10. Savage has a pretty good reputation, definitely good value guns. Though when you're talking .338 value isn't exactly a huge attraction
  11. I trust that Scott wouldn't put out something that wouldn't work mechanically. He's always said that he wouldn't produce it, if it didn't work. But back to the OPs post. 12 inch subs with a 4 inch coil are a real PITA 10" Mayhems took a while to get right, but I can say firsthand they kick ass. No doubt these new 12s will be the same. Not even going to comment on the Lv6 though...
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