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  1. It depends on the battery, the meter, and if it's cold outside that won't help.
  2. Yup. In fact if you have to worry about smog testing RP will often cause it to fail. For the price, I'll pass on it every time.
  3. I don't really give a shit about zinc content, so I skip the Royal Purple. Just me.
  4. Got sick of not having a volt meter in the car (since it's an auto trans it has the ECT/OD indicator instead) so I added one. Spliced it into the deck wiring, super straightforward. Here is a shot of inside the dash. The tang bands are just free-aired, with some polyfill. It actually makes for a decent enclosure, even the stock drivers sounded pretty good. And it works. The trim piece needs some repairs, that's one of my next projects. Downsides of owning a 30 year old car. The meter is just hot glued in place for now, I'll 3D print a bezel when I know what all I want to put there. Probably paint it red to match the car.
  5. Every time I hear about big bad Russia supposedly doing something I just laugh. A year ago it was ISIS behind everything.
  6. I'm pretty familiar with body work. I really don't see how adding layers will make it any different. It should only be slightly bigger, and the surface will be the same. Obviously you don't need these to be bomb proof but keeping future cracking and warping to a minimum is a good idea.
  7. More body work how? It should only be a couple mm thicker. The surface will still be the same. If you lay up all the glass at once, which you should to keep resin content down, you won't be doing any between mat layers.
  8. Wax makes a great mold release. Honestly I wouldn't waste my time glassing the inside. It's not going to benefit you any way adding the same amount of glass to the exterior wouldn't. Oh and DeeBeez P.S. stick that bitch in the oven for 3 hrs at 300F, see if it makes it stronger. Depending on the resin you used it might not make much of a difference but a post cure can do a lot for wet layups strength and stiffness. And help prevent future warping due to heat from sitting in the car.
  9. No real reason to lay up inside the fleece. Just make sure you get enough layers of chop mat on the outside. Roll it out real good and it should be plenty strong.
  10. Multi port. For the time, it's definitely one of the better engines yota made. Still probably going to ditch it though lol.
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