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  1. I have a question about this epicenter I got. I have a kenwood excelon deck that has all the rcas in the back front rear and sub. I have my rcas coming from the sub channel of my deck to the epicenter then to my clarion eq then from the eq to the amps. I left the settings all stock on the epicenter and it makes the bass sound muddy. There's no bass boost at all from the deck on the amp. I kno I'm supposed to feed it full signal. Is it being from the sub channle of the deck ? Should I move the rcas to the fronts or the rears and. Ot use the sub ones ?
  2. I've got some of skar subs. They def get down
  3. I got one and I found out if I hook up my mid in the driver door it cuts off all others ones work except that one. Had all other e hooked up and no issue. I'll be taking the door panel off this weekend. It's too cold to try n do stuff when I get home at 630pm.
  4. Might have found the issue. Might have a bad speaker some where. Amp stays on with no speaker wires in it. Going to plug in one by one and see where the fault is
  5. Got it hooked up like normal and still that Same thing. Plays for a few seconds once the volume gets to a certain point not even at the half way mark it cuts off and goes into protect. Idk what could be wrong. Polarity is right and everything
  6. I'm bout to unhook them now and report back
  7. It's the rp 150.4 a/b. It plays but shuts off in literally 45 seconds. Gets hella hot. The audio control epicenter wouldn't be the issue would it?
  8. Want to see if I've made a mistake somewhere. Can some one help me out ? My skar 4 ch amp gets hot quick with in a few seconds of playing and goes into protect. I have a kenwood excelon deck with signal going from that to an audio control bass epicenter then from there to a clarion eq then finally to the amps in the back. I have some rigged up stuff going on with the way I have my speakers set up. I have a set of mid bass speakers hooked up to ch. 3 n 4. 1 n 2 I have hooked up to a set of components. Here's where the rigged up part comes into play. I also have a set of super tweeters hooked up in the passive cross over with the other tweets from the component set. On the cross over it has 0db + -3db+ and -6db+ Tw - then for the mid its W+ W- and input + -. I have the tweets hooked up to + -3db and Tw- and then the super tweets hooked up to + 0db and Tw-. That's how the passive cross over is wired up on ch. 1 n 2. Could that be my issue ? Is that making the impedance too low causing it to get hot? I haven't made an amp go into protect in a long time so I'm just trying to find out if that could be my issue or something else. Voltage is good going to the amp. Seeing 14 v when the car is on and 12.8 when the cars off. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. Would I be able to shave the length down to 40? Or would that be too short?
  10. Just wanted to kno if my max dims would be plenty of room for 2 skar evl 15's. L 44 x 28 H x 25 D
  11. Going in an ext cab pick up btw sub up port up
  12. Can some one please help me with a box design for 2 skar evl 15's powered by a skar sk 2500. Max dims are 28 " H x 45 " W x 28 " D. Love it to hit the lows real nice. Any help would greatly be appreciated thank you.
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