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  1. Ok re wired it and hooked it up and back to normal
  2. Pulled subs put and noticed on both subs a wire was disconnected from a terminal. Breaking the link sort of when I wired them in parallel. So I'm going to run this new non corroded wire and hope that was the problem and now it will be fixed. Check the ohms on the coils and got back a 3.8 ohm reading on all the coils. They are dual 4ohm subs
  3. Went ahead and ordered me some more of sky high 8 guage cable to rewire the subs with just to make sure my speaker wire isn't faulty. I'll pull subs tomorrow and test them like you said snow then rewire and hook back up. Hopefully it's a minor fix
  4. Ok so I just got my truck back from the shop again and when I got home I still noticed the subs not sounding right everything else checked out that I checked before so I still didn't know what was going on. But when I got home I checked the subs and noticed one is room temp and the other is warm. Not hot but warm. Why could this be? I mean it was sounding awesome for the few months then outta no where it started to sound muffled.
  5. I use a USB and mainly blue tooth with apple music
  6. Ok I will check this out tomorrow and report back. They are just the basic sky high car audio twisted ones.
  7. I have an 02 trailblazer with 2 star audio vxf 12s In a ported box powered with an audio legion 3.5 k got a mechanical 270 alt with an xs power d3400 un the hood and an xp3000 in the back. When I first hooked everything up and tuned the amp the subs sounded amazing. gain about a lil over a quarter of the way up. Got an kenwood Exelon deck and a clarion eq. Been playing ot for a couple of months now and then I had my ac compressor changed out and got back in my ride and noticed that the bass on certain songs wasn't as loud as before. When I turn my system up more then I normally do it's almost as if the subs start fading out. Like dosen't get any louder. I check the voltage going to the amp and it reads 14.70 the ohms is reading 1.2 1.4 they are dual 4 ohm subs. Ground and connections all solid where the amp and the battery are in the back. I dont know what could be going on but its is definitely noticeably lower then before. Any help is greatly appreciated
  8. I checked all that and its the speaker. Same wire ran from the door to the amp is working just fine with the prv mid. First time i ever got a defective item. Man this issue drove me crazy. It was a brand new apeaker so when i check the first time and saw the connections solid i just looked past it because i figured it was something else.
  9. Other one works fine and i ran a prv mid to the same door and bam got sound.
  10. So its the speaker. After taking it out and looking at it the speaker looks fine but when ran to the amp the speaker cuts in and out. Is this a factory defect ? I barely bought these speakers
  11. Ok so after messing with this issue all day here is what i got. With the eq still cuts out. Just the h.u. and it still cuts out. Replaced rcas and tried both ways again. ( to eq the just h.u) still cuts in and out. I thought it was the whole driver side but its just the front driver door giving me issues. Ugh.... i pulled the panel off and the connections were solid idk wtf it could be. The mids in the front driver and passenger doors is the deaf bounce sylvester 6.5's and they have push terminals.. im lost man im.done for today. Any idea what could be wrong?
  12. Ok im going to try and explain my issue the best i can. I installed my radio and clarion eq in my 02 trailblazer. Using the basic sky high car audio rca's the twisted grey ones. Now when im listening to music the sound on the driver side only cuts in and out. I pulled the door panels back off checked connections there good. Checked my 4 channel amp and all is good there too. Then i take the radio and eq back out. Wiggled the rcas and nothing but if i wiggle some wires o hear the signal cutting out. Then i just plug the wires directly to the radio its self and it plays with out cutting out. Wired it back to the eq and it didnt do it again at all yesterday and i drove around for a few hours. Then today start it up and its back to cutting in and out again driving me nuts man. I ordered some 40 dollar stinger 4 ch rcas and i hope that will fix the issue but if not then what can be the problem? Getting to this radio requires removing the flimsy plastic panels that are a slip a way from braking. I want to take this radio out for the last time and get this issue fixed before i break something lol. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. Just got a mechman alt for my 02 trailblazer and was wondering if anyone knew what size belt i should get? Half inch or quarter inch shorter then original or just replace with a new belt same size ? Reason i ask is cause on my 95 gmc it took the same size belt. I got one a quarter inch shorter and it didnt fit. I appreciate any help guys.
  14. Can anyone help me out with a box simple box design ? Need one for my skar vxf 12's Dims are 44" wide x 16" tall x 15" deep. Ill be powering it with an audio legion 3.5k running at 1 ohm. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys. Oh i forgot to mention its going in a 02 trailblazer
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