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  1. I just swaped out my mechman 270 g series for a 370 e series. I found a fuse that is powered when truck is on and used that for the excite wire. Hooked up everything and now my battery light stays on but my voltage is sitting at 14.8 at idle. I tried using a fuse that I thought would turn on the alt but my voltage stayed at 12.6 when I turned it on and battery light came on. Switched fuses and found one that turns on my alt when I have the truck on. Am I ok if it's still charging like its supposed too or did I miss something ? Using 1/0 cable dual runs. From alt to batt. Got the negative run from alt to batt also. Any help is much appreciated. Vehicle is a 95 gmc sierra 1500.
  2. Yea. Got a 95 gmc sierra. Got an xspower s3400 under the hood and a Northstar 220 in the back. Double runs from front to back. Back batt is grounded to the frame. I drilled some holes and bolted it to the frame. Sanded down to bare metal of course. Using sky high ofc
  3. Ok so the same concept would be if you had 2 positive runs from alt to batt you would use 2 200 amp fuses for a 370 mechman elite alt ?
  4. I wanted to know what size fuse is needed for an ampere 5k with dual inputs. Is it a 500 amp fuse in each run or 250 each ?
  5. I got it Joe. Thanks a bunch for your input. Helped me out alot. I will do driver side port and hope for the best. Now I just gotta figure out how wide and long the port needs to be then I can start building.
  6. Do you mind me asking your opinion on getting it to where it needs to be ? I know I have extra cubic ft and I I plan on bracing using possibly 3 in wooden dowles. I want to do a center port but if I have to do driver side I will if it will get closer to spec. Sad thing is that when I but the box together it has some bowing going on. Like the width changes as you get towards the top. From 50.25 W towards the bottom and 49.5 W towards the top. The height same deal. On the far left side and the far right side. I have 39.25 and as we get closer towards the middle it goes as high as 39.5. This is my first wall and I did alot of learning what NOT to do next time lol. But that is the fun part.
  7. https://ibb.co/djdD7f1 https://ibb.co/4mvGJwj https://ibb.co/xMMYXLD https://ibb.co/RC7QB1h Here are some pics. Hope they upload correctly. I'm just a beginner also so please be gentle lol.
  8. As I read more on the subject alot of forms I've read state 33 hz is the best to tune for for both spl and sq. I wonder if the fall off would be too noticeable. I really like rap hip hop rnb and dj rustical type slowed music. Nothing else I really listen to. Maybe I would be ok if I tune to 28 hz. Do you think it would sound decent Joe? I just bought term pro. I'm justing waiting on the email to drop with the dl link. Can't wait to play around with it.
  9. This is my first time trying to wall my truck. Let alone any vehicle as a matter of fact. The shell is built and the dims I have is 39.5 H. 50.25 w. 20.5 D. That is the internal measurements. All I have left to build is the baffles and port. I used 2 sheets of 3/4 birch all around. Top. Bottom. Side to side and back wall.
  10. I would greatly appreciate any input on the topic. I'm in the process of walling my ext cab chevy and wanted to know what the best tunning freq for a center/slot ported enclosure would be. I want 20 hz to 35 hz to play as nice a loud as possible. I will be using 4 skar evl 15 d2's on a ampere audio 5k. Recommended 31 hz tuning but I was thinking more along the lines of 28 hz maybe ? What do you guys think ?
  11. I have a question about this epicenter I got. I have a kenwood excelon deck that has all the rcas in the back front rear and sub. I have my rcas coming from the sub channel of my deck to the epicenter then to my clarion eq then from the eq to the amps. I left the settings all stock on the epicenter and it makes the bass sound muddy. There's no bass boost at all from the deck on the amp. I kno I'm supposed to feed it full signal. Is it being from the sub channle of the deck ? Should I move the rcas to the fronts or the rears and. Ot use the sub ones ?
  12. I know i hope its still going on. I called and the lady on the phone said she had no idea what i was talking about.
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