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  1. Update:

    I've purchased the instrument I was eyeballing a few weeks ago. It should be here by Friday. I'm am beyond excited. I'll post some pics and what not when it gets here. 

  2. Hydraulic Crimping Tool

    I understand the wanting to pay a pretty penny on tools. There is a certain feeling of ease when you know you've bought something that is made well, will do what it's supposed to do (and well might I add) and will last as long as you can use it. Kinda goes for a lot of things besides tools.
  3. Port Length & End Correction ????

    What are the disadvantages of adding a 180 degree bend in the port?
  4. Who has a good entry level Sub

    I have a lot of personal experience with the B2 IS12. It has been nothing but impressive. I shock everyone that I show it to. I've had it for almost 2 years now (oh man, my baby is getting old) and it's still going strong as ever.
  5. Port design question

    Hm, didn't think about it as bracing. Interesting
  6. Port design question

    I would go without the divider. I would also figure out a way to brace those port panels as they are pretty big. You could do a brace inside the port itself or maybe something on the outside of the port itself, kinda like shelf bracing (but not quite)
  7. I will be buying a new instrument in about two weeks. I'm extremely excited to finally get one of my own. I've wanted one for years and really miss playing/performing. May post pictures of it once I get it. 

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    2. DLHgn


      Check this video out. Arguably one of the best players today. His name also happens to be....Steven Mead lmao If you watch it and see him making weird faces or funny sounds, he likes to have fun during his solos/concerts and make people laugh. 



    3. 8ten8


      I've always enjoyed the "page-turner"



    4. DLHgn


      That was actually pretty funny 

  8. If you don't have the room to spare for a properly sized port, i'd just go with a sealed enclosure. Although you won't get as much output from a sealed, you would rather have a proper sealed box than an improper ported box. You could always try tuning a bit higher to help reduce the length needed for the port.
  9. I'll have to add you once I get back to my PS4. I don't know when i'll get it or when i'll be able to play seeing as I have lots of games to get. Still working on Assassin's Creed.
  10. Looking for desing help

    Welcome to the forum! I appreciate you taking our advice on your first post. That's a great start to being successful on this forum. Hopefully someone can help you out but if not I may have some time later tonight or maybe tomorrow night.
  11. Help me for box 4th order

    I can't go into too much detail with the specifics of 4th order bandpass design as I'm not comfortable enough with them but I can elaborate a little bit. The sealed, or "closed", chamber is used to determine the low end capabilities of the enclosure while the ported is for the higher end. That's why you'll see the ported side tuned to like 50Hz. When you make the closed side smaller than the ported side, you will get that large peak you see and an increase in SPL at that peak. When the closed side is closer to even with the ported side or even larger you will get a larger bandwidth (the big flat portion of the graph) at the expense of total output. Why it does this i'm not going to explain but hopefully that helps and hopefully all of that info is correct. If not, I ask that someone who knows more about these correct me so I don't misinform anymore.
  12. I second what Triticum said. I would also elaborate on the max dimensions you have to work with as well as being more specific on what you mean by 1.75ft^3. Do you mean per sub or total? Also, is it going into a trunk, hatch, cargo area, console?
  13. Just letting you know, vs threads are against the rules of the forum. This thread may get shut down.
  14. I would do one chamber. Saves space. I don't see a reason that two separate chambers would be better.