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  1. If all goes as planned I'll be graduating on May 12th! 

    1. WalledSonic


      Congrats, whats your major?

    2. DLHgn


      Majoring in Computer Science with a Minor in Mathematics 

  2. I've never seen a port wall extend past the baffle. Would seem kinda redundant. Would be better off having the port wall end behind the baffle. But on that note I do get what you're saying. If the port wall extended all the way past the baffle so it was sitting next to it, the baffle would be 30.75 because the port wall is .75". Our measurements assumed that the port wall ended behind the baffle.
  3. 31.5x12 is also what I got. You take the total width, subtract the amount of material on either side (assuming 3/4" wood it would be a total of 1.5") the subtract the value of F which is the width of the port. That would be 36-1.5-3=31.5
  4. I'm confused because all of the letters seem to be there. What are you wanting? Each box seems to be a different box designed for different subs/needs
  5. Here's a good tip though it's not answering your question. I wouldn't use the RE Box Calculator. It's known to be inaccurate. Look up Torres. You can also use Winisd to plug in your box/driver parameters to generate some graphs that will give you a good idea on how the box will perform.
  6. I'm glad Triticum replied before I did. With that being said, that is a very common misconception. You hear a lot of people saying they want to run smaller subs because they're more "SQ" but in reality the size of the cone doesn't really play a huge part in it besides determining how small you can make the enclosure. Bigger subs don't necessarily play lower than smaller subs (another common misconception). In fact, if i'm not getting confused with something else, I believe most smaller subs tend to be peakier than their larger counterparts. Why exactly I couldn't answer. Maybe Triticum could. He has far more knowledge on the subject than I do.
  7. Awesome post. Love learning things about box theory.
  8. Just switch the wires at the sub instead of the amp. Same deal.
  9. Just finished a test that was open book, notes, computer, phone. Literally anything but the people in class (someone called their sister last semester). Holy cow was it hard. Wouldn't have been able to do hardly any of the questions if it wasn't at least open notes. 

    1. 06RTCharger


      "Regis, I would like to use a life line" 

    2. DLHgn



  10. He may have made it for that sub but i'm not sure. Didn't specify. It may have been one that was already made and that sub has similar specs.
  11. If it's possible with your enclosure you may want to think about extending the port outside the enclosure. This way would let you play with a couple different sizes to see what you like the best.
  12. Good news. Should be graduating in May. Will not receive my degree until the following fall because I have to take a class in the summer but I will be able to walk the stage this May. Finally getting some good news is a pleasant change of pace for this current semester. 

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    2. DLHgn


      Yeah, just trying to figure out what I'm going to do afterwards. Thinking about possibly going for another degree that is related to this current one. Not sure 


    3. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      congratulations man

    4. DLHgn



  13. Good info. When I eventually do my system i'll be looking into lithium for sure.
  14. Glad you got someone to help you. Let us know how you like it once it's up and running