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  1. Checked out your channel, good stuff. You're pretty funny. Subed to show support. Hope you find some useful info on this site. Lots of knowledgeable people on here.
  2. New Instrument

    Here it is. I guess Youtube turns a decent quality video into potato. Unfortunate
  3. New Instrument

    It definitely wasn't cheap for me but it was relatively cheap compared to the cost of most new euphoniums. I'm glad to see another euphonium player out there. Every now and again i'll meet someone who played it or who at least for sure knows what it is. Always a shock.
  4. New Instrument

    Update: I'm currently uploading the video to youtube as promised. Just as a heads up, it will probably be one of the worst unboxing videos you've seen. I had to be a quiet as possible because my dad didn't know I had bought the instrument and I didn't know if he would get pissed or not. Long story short, when I told him, he tried to look mad but I could see the smile behind his face. He tried to act mad because he didn't want me to spend the money but he also really wanted me to have a horn so I take that as a win. The video will probably be done uploading in about 10 minutes.
  5. Looking awesome. Really like your RCA's. Will be sure to stay tuned now that it's your off season.
  6. New Instrument

    I thought the same thing. Much better looking in person too. Like I said, it looks like I took that picture with a potato.
  7. New Instrument

    Oh man that picture is kinda blurry. I'll be sure to post more later that do it some justice.
  8. Figured this post might be appropriate for the forum for "all things music related" considering this new instrument is used to make music! Let me just say, i'm super excited. I've been waiting to purchase my own euphonium for the better part of a decade and now i've finally done it. I will post a full unboxing video at some point but don't have the time right now. All I can do right now is post a picture of what it looks like in it's case and some of the merch they provided with it. For those asking what a euphonium is, it is a low brass instrument. Think of a mini tuba. This specific one has 4 piston valves (used to play different notes) and is considered compensating. It is silver-plated and has very nice engravings on the valve caps and on the bell.
  9. Update:

    I've purchased the instrument I was eyeballing a few weeks ago. It should be here by Friday. I'm am beyond excited. I'll post some pics and what not when it gets here. 

    1. 8ten8


      Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing 

  10. Hydraulic Crimping Tool

    I understand the wanting to pay a pretty penny on tools. There is a certain feeling of ease when you know you've bought something that is made well, will do what it's supposed to do (and well might I add) and will last as long as you can use it. Kinda goes for a lot of things besides tools.
  11. Port Length & End Correction ????

    What are the disadvantages of adding a 180 degree bend in the port?
  12. Who has a good entry level Sub

    I have a lot of personal experience with the B2 IS12. It has been nothing but impressive. I shock everyone that I show it to. I've had it for almost 2 years now (oh man, my baby is getting old) and it's still going strong as ever.
  13. Port design question

    Hm, didn't think about it as bracing. Interesting
  14. Port design question

    I would go without the divider. I would also figure out a way to brace those port panels as they are pretty big. You could do a brace inside the port itself or maybe something on the outside of the port itself, kinda like shelf bracing (but not quite)