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  1. 6th Order Port Area Experiment

    Like you were saying, it probably has something to do with the small port causing so much port compression at the higher power levels that the chamber starts to act like it's sealed. It's showing up with the spl graphs and the impedance plots. I would be curious to see if the front port velocity and driver excursion are similar between the small port setup and the 4th order setup. I wouldn't be surprised if they were honestly.
  2. Team Fi Sub Box

    Like I said in a message I just sent to you, I can help you again. My class is finishing this afternoon and then I'll have tons of free time. Would be more than happy to make another design (kinda want to since I haven't done it in a while). Just let me know and we can discus the specifics.
  3. Help needed

    I don't know what your reasoning for not doing this is but, if you can swing it, you should try to build your own. I'm sure a few of us on here wouldn't mind helping you come up with a design. Think about it if you can.
  4. Just finished my homework for the weekend. It was 38 pages....This is getting ridiculous. It seems like my prof is assigning more and more HW as the semester goes along. I'm still doing it all but jeez. 

    1. WalledSonic


      sadistic prof?

    2. DLHgn


      I guess so lol I didn't have HW last night because we had a test but I can only imagine the amount i'm going to have to do tonight. Haven't look at his email yet. Dreading it. 

  5. I'm happy to hear you're willing to leave it sealed if the specs don't come out right. You wouldn't believe how many people refuse to go sealed when they can't feasibly fit a ported box in their space with their requirements. A proper sealed box will likely do better than an improper ported box. Hopefully it all works out for you.
  6. 6th Order Port Area Experiment

    Tuned in. Always love seeing your testing posts. Very informative.
  7. New TV Stand Idea.

    My grandma has an old console like this that just sits around in her living room and gets played briefly once a year when we clear it off for decorating. I wish she would let me have it so I could revamp it. Clean it up and what not with some new drivers.
  8. The University of Houston is thinking about hiring me to help  develop some stuff for them and to be a kind of support for their College of Technology. I would get to stay where I'm at. They're thinking of starting at at least $20/hr if not more. I'm glad I ended up going to this meeting today. Also glad I treat everyone one with a base level of respect regardless if I know who they are or not. Really helped me today. 

    1. Karkov


      Do it up man!

    2. DLHgn


      Thanks, i'm trying. If I can get my foot in the door with this University and actually help them get some big things done in these fields they're researching in, it good open up to a whole realm of great jobs. Also, the University of Houston is playing with the idea of inviting me to participate in their graduate programs. That would be nice. A graduate degree that's paid for by the school. 

  9. Just saw this video in a post on Facebook. Never seen this guy but i'll be checking out more of his videos. Liked him. I didn't even know RF had that "CLEAN" feature built in.
  10. Met a fellow basshead in the drive through at Taco Bell. He was getting decently loud for a single Orian HCCA 10". Blue Mustang with neat white accents/designs. Told him he should go to Heatwave next weekend. Hopefully i'll see him there and be able to get a demo. Seemed like a good guy. 

  11. How much interior box volume?

    Good to know. Will it do it if there are internal structures like bracing? Or does it start to run into issues?
  12. Kia

    If you're going to try to fit 2 15's in there you might be better of using a slot port that way you can bend it. It will also be shorter to give you your desired length assuming you use a standard slot port that shares 3 of it's walls with the box.
  13. I've never heard of purple. I would also like to know how you like it.
  14. Looking good. Glad the box is working out for you. I admire your perseverance through all the problems. Looking forward to seeing what's next.