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  1. Really, the only thing needed to calculate port area is Power, net box volume, port area and tuning.
  2. I think I've asked him before and didn't really know either. I did find a post on another site where he explained his methods and I've seen his equation. If I can't find what I'm looking for, that may be my best option.
  3. Winisd and Hornresp are the primary ones I use.
  4. I have modeling software programs and know how to use them. That's how I'm testing the accuracy of the equations. I don't need modeling software and trust me, I completely agree with you.
  5. I've seen this formula and already tried it but it doesn't take into account net box volume. It also didn't produce a number that corresponded with WindIsd and Hornresp.
  6. Hey guys and gals, i've been looking everywhere it seems for an equation to calculate port velocity and I can't really seem to find one that is A.) Accurate and/or B.)Take into account power and/or net box volume. I've seen/used Triticum's port area calculator which is in it's own right awesome but i'm looking be able to calculate the actual max port velocity given a specific volume, port area, power and tuning. I found one that seemed promising but it didn't produce accurate results and didn't take into account the net box volume. If you're wondering what i'm doing, i'm working on a program for some car audio stuff. Don't want to really say specifics yet until I can get it in a more final form. Then I can link it on here for y'all to test and suggest features. It's mostly done but I want to add this last feature before I send it out. I think y'all will find it to be quite useful and easy to use. I'm very excited about it. Thanks in advance for y'all's input. Hopefully I can finally get this figured out!
  7. What do you think would be the best way to attach the wheels/keep them in place?
  8. What's up guys and gals, haven't made a new topic in a hot minute and I hope everyone is doing well. Anywho, here it goes. So my girlfriend has tasked me with designing and, eventually, building a soap box derby car for her organization to race during homecoming this coming year (mid November). I've got it all pretty much designed out and what not but i'm running into a bit of a snag. How should I design the axel/wheels? Would it be better to have a fixed axel and rely on the wheel's bearings or should I have fixed wheels and run the axel through bearings? Whichever is the case, how should I go about doing either one? Just as some extra info, this is a derby car that someone will be in a steering down a straight track. There is no motor, it is propelled by gravity. The car has to have 4 wheels. Thanks in advanced for y'all time and input. I just need some ideas. Even if I don't apply your idea directly, it could help spark something for me.
  9. Applied for an IT Support Engineer position at Amazon a few days ago. I've heard that they can be pretty slow at responding so here in a few days i'll hit up the warehouse and talk to them in person. This job would provide a great opportunity for me so here's to hoping I get a chance! 

    1. Broke_Audio_Addict
    2. Wishuponasub


      Good luck man. Hope you get it.

  10. This is so awesome! Always get excited when you post a new build and this one is pretty unique. Have to keep this in mind if if my girlfriend starts complaining about subs in the room....
  11. Checked out your channel, good stuff. You're pretty funny. Subed to show support. Hope you find some useful info on this site. Lots of knowledgeable people on here.
  12. Here it is. I guess Youtube turns a decent quality video into potato. Unfortunate
  13. It definitely wasn't cheap for me but it was relatively cheap compared to the cost of most new euphoniums. I'm glad to see another euphonium player out there. Every now and again i'll meet someone who played it or who at least for sure knows what it is. Always a shock.
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