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  1. Haven't been here in a minute. I hope everyone is doing well and having a great start to the new year!

    1. meade916


      hey man! where you been? I know I am 2 months late but right back atcha :D

  2. Applied for an IT Support Engineer position at Amazon a few days ago. I've heard that they can be pretty slow at responding so here in a few days i'll hit up the warehouse and talk to them in person. This job would provide a great opportunity for me so here's to hoping I get a chance! 

    1. Broke_Audio_Addict
    2. Wishuponasub


      Good luck man. Hope you get it.

  3. Checked out your channel, good stuff. You're pretty funny. Subed to show support. Hope you find some useful info on this site. Lots of knowledgeable people on here.
  4. Update:

    I've purchased the instrument I was eyeballing a few weeks ago. It should be here by Friday. I'm am beyond excited. I'll post some pics and what not when it gets here. 

    1. 8ten8


      Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing 

  5. I will be buying a new instrument in about two weeks. I'm extremely excited to finally get one of my own. I've wanted one for years and really miss playing/performing. May post pictures of it once I get it. 

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. DLHgn


      Check this video out. Arguably one of the best players today. His name also happens to be....Steven Mead lmao If you watch it and see him making weird faces or funny sounds, he likes to have fun during his solos/concerts and make people laugh. 



    3. 8ten8


      I've always enjoyed the "page-turner"



    4. DLHgn


      That was actually pretty funny 

  6. Got Assassin's Creed Origins this weekend. So far it's pretty awesome. Also got Mafia 3 but haven't had a chance to play it. My list of games to get is pretty long and I don't have my PS4 with me so it will take a while to play through all of these games. 

  7. Started work at Lowe's a few days ago. Today was my first day on the sales floor. I'm working Inside Lawn and Garden/Seasonal. So far so good. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DLHgn


      How was that? 

    3. Wishuponasub


      It really wasn't bad but I was doing A/C work during the day and Lowe's at night. I was also remodeling my son's room and I couldn't hang so I quit Lowe's.

    4. DLHgn


      Gotta do what you gotta do. I'm liking it so far. It's really not too bad. Pretty laid back as far as I can tell. The most stressful thing is having to change my department constantly because it's seasonal but that's about it so far. 

  8. I stand by Lifeproof cases. They do what they say they do, they look and feel great and best of all, they have great customer service. Anytime I have an issue with my case, they make it right immediately and without question.  They've won a customer for life. 

  9. My thoughts go out to all those who were affected by the Vegas shooting last night. Truly a tragic event. 

  10. Just finished my homework for the weekend. It was 38 pages....This is getting ridiculous. It seems like my prof is assigning more and more HW as the semester goes along. I'm still doing it all but jeez. 

    1. WalledSonic
    2. DLHgn


      I guess so lol I didn't have HW last night because we had a test but I can only imagine the amount i'm going to have to do tonight. Haven't look at his email yet. Dreading it. 

  11. The University of Houston is thinking about hiring me to help  develop some stuff for them and to be a kind of support for their College of Technology. I would get to stay where I'm at. They're thinking of starting at at least $20/hr if not more. I'm glad I ended up going to this meeting today. Also glad I treat everyone one with a base level of respect regardless if I know who they are or not. Really helped me today. 

    1. Karkov


      Do it up man!

    2. DLHgn


      Thanks, i'm trying. If I can get my foot in the door with this University and actually help them get some big things done in these fields they're researching in, it good open up to a whole realm of great jobs. Also, the University of Houston is playing with the idea of inviting me to participate in their graduate programs. That would be nice. A graduate degree that's paid for by the school. 

  12. Just saw this video in a post on Facebook. Never seen this guy but i'll be checking out more of his videos. Liked him. I didn't even know RF had that "CLEAN" feature built in.
  13. Met a fellow basshead in the drive through at Taco Bell. He was getting decently loud for a single Orian HCCA 10". Blue Mustang with neat white accents/designs. Told him he should go to Heatwave next weekend. Hopefully i'll see him there and be able to get a demo. Seemed like a good guy. 

  14. I'm actively trying to pass this class. I'm doing all assigned homework every night and going to office hours when I have questions. Hopefully I can make a good grade in it and be done with this degree. Unfortunately my work schedule is killing me. I want to ask for less hours or to get off earlier but I need these hours to pay for the class. Oh well, looks like i'll be pushing through until this class is over. Thankfully it's only 5 weeks. 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. DLHgn


      It's not the amount of hours, it's the time the hours are. So far i'm getting it all done but the juggling is a bit hard. I also have my on campus job for the summer to deal with. Like I said, it's just for 5 weeks. Just have to grind for the next month and I should be okay. 

    3. 06RTCharger


      Working overnight shifts then going to school? Damn. I know those overnight shifts are harsh on ur body/health. Wherever i had to cover the overnight shifts id end up getting pretty sick afterward. Much respect man, i couldnt mentally handle doing all that at once. Keepin grindin bro.

    4. DLHgn


      I just finished up my homework for the night. 15 pages....it was 15 pages...took me 7 hours. Luckily i'm on-call tonight so I wasn't working my overnight shift at Taco Bell. I had time to sit here and work. This prof. assigns hours of HW every day (class is M-F). I bought a new 70 page spiral notebook for this class on Monday and i'm already through half of it with notes and homework...The overnight shifts just start eating away at you. My job isn't really mentally tasking or hard for that matter but standing there constantly pumping out orders for hours on end starts to beat you down. Like, I didn't know this Taco Bell was literally always busy. 

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