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  1. Timespy and Timespy extreme. Port royal is another test they have for the RTX cards.
  2. 9900k should do 5ghz all core all day. Should score nice in 3dmark timespy/ timespy extreme. I love those obsidian 750D cases. Nice build, let's see some score's
  3. 1 week resting voltage. after errands again. Thoughts or concerns anyone?
  4. I ordered a replacement battery before I ever shipped the old one off for warranty. Here it is after being installed this past week and sitting until today. And here it is after running errands this morning. Anyone see any issues,concerns? This will sit most likely until next weekend when I do the same thing again and I will put the volt meter back on it and update with the results.
  5. Warranty claim denied. I have been accused of abuse/misuse since I contacted them with the issue from the very start. The CS fabricated a story where I jump started the car and killed the battery, before I even shipped it into them for testing. Today when I called to inquire about the status I was told that I let it sit for a month before doing anything about it, low voltage etc... I killed it. To end the call the person offered to sell me another D2400 at a deep discount with a new 3 year warranty. You didn't stand behind the warranty on the first product why would I believe you would stand behind it on a 2nd product?
  6. I have a D2400 in my 2000 accord, its the main and only battery. The issue started this past Saturday. I drove the car Friday to multiple locations around town and then back home without issue. Saturday morning I go to run to the store and the doors wont unlock...odd right, so I open the doors and not even enough power to get clicks from the starter. I pull out the old Black and Decker smart charger set it to AGM and 10 Amps and continue to do stuff around the house for an hour or so at which point I go back to check the charger. It has F01 on the read out after some digging this means there is a short circuited cell in the battery according to B&D... Today using a voltmeter I tested it and it has 5.25 volts. I have never had an issue with this battery with low voltage or had to jump start this car since putting this battery in less than 2 years ago. How can I verify this to be true and accurate that a cell has short circuited?
  7. Ford Explorer 2 door with 6 Cerwin Vega Strokers 15" and US Amps surf boards on each one.
  8. N8ball is that an EAA on your hip in that picture and if so, what model and thoughts on them? I have been looking at them for a while, no one around me stocks them so i cant hold one without driving hours away.
  9. I would like to thank everyone that watched/donated towards the Extra life event. We raised $4065 for the children's hospital in Greenville, NC. It was fun and look forward to next year.
  10. stream is now live https://www.twitch.tv/dee_x3eve Donate here https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donordrive.participant&participantID=266565
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