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  1. Great company, welcome!
  2. That should work for most tasks without issue. The new Ryzen chips look good from the reviews I have seen.
  3. Ford Explorer 2 door with 6 Cerwin Vega Strokers 15" and US Amps surf boards on each one.
  4. Rig refresh: EVGA Z370 classified K Intel I9-9900k G.Skill Trident Z ddr4 3200 Samsung 970 evo NVME WD SN750 NVME EVGA 2080Ti FTW3 EVGA 1k PSU Corsair 750D air flow edition Alpha Cool Eisbaer 360mm AiO Thermal Paste IC Diamond CPU Temps idle 33/34 Cel, Peak in Cinebench 83 Cel, Avg gaming temp 60 Cel Gpu sits around 64 Cel benchmarking. The results after some very early testing\tweaking http://www.3dmark.com/spy/6962411
  5. Pair of working EVGA 8800 GT SC cards, one with Akimbo dual slot cooler. I just pulled one from a rig the other day. Purchased 12/3/2007
  6. I have been doing tons of research recently as I have a big upgrade coming. The alphacool eisbaer 360 has been rock solid. I have the 8086k OC'ed to 5ghz on all cores and it idles at 33 cel and peaks at 73 cel for very short amounts of time in timespy benchmarks. It is claimed to be all copper. It was around 170$ when I purchased and seems to be closer to 200$ now. Mine just passed the 1 year mark with no issues. I would recommend them, it is not your run of the mill AiO unit. The parts use standard g 1/4 threads, it has a fill port on the cpu block /pump and can be expanded to include video cards or add hard pipe later. 360mm on amazon https://www.amazon.com/Alphacool-Eisbaer-360-Water-Cooler/dp/B01HQ6DCHI/ref=sr_1_2?crid=13AYNR02XQ9WP&keywords=alphacool+eisbaer+360&qid=1555456087&s=gateway&sprefix=alpha+cool+%2Caps%2C133&sr=8-2 They do have a 240mm version also looks to be ~150$.
  7. http://www.3dmark.com/spy/6761485 Pushed card a little higher 13,915 in timespy
  8. Use this link to get discounts from EVGA 5-10% depending on item purchased. Not allowed so i removed it!
  9. I did a thing back around christmas... EVGA 2080 Ti FTW3 OC'ed CPU to 5ghz on all 6 cores
  10. Nothing wrong with the ryzen chips. Hate to say it but HP Omen series pc's for the price are not bad machines... when on sale they are around 800$ for a decent desktop pre-built. This model was on sale black friday HP Omen 870-213w i7-7700k gtx1070 256gb SSD and 1tb HDD 16gb of ram
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