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  1. Appreciate the reply. I left out the real question that I have, sq box has the port on the right hand side. I would like to know what would change if I had the Port running rear bottom, and then how does that change the cut sheet?
  2. Looking for some advice on the design of my enclosure. The sound that I'm after is, I would like it to play tight and low music is Rap and R&B. Where should the subs be placed, as it pertains to the rear hatch? what frequency should the Box be tuned to? would like to keep the enclosure below the window line? Vehicle 07 suburban z71 Subs 2 sq hds315 Amp crescendo bc2000 Box to 32 hz? Subs firing up port to the rear. Stock electrical system for now. Appreciate the input in advance.
  3. I was thinking the same thing is there a test that can be performed to know for sure?
  4. Looking to get back in the game. recently picked up a 07 Suburban Z71 the lights have started to flicker as if I've already put a system in it,everything stock. This morning the voltage was way over 14 started getting random codes oil pressure sensor, low coolant, and the heater wouldn't blow hot, anyone have experience dealing with these symptoms in their Suburban? After scanning and clearing the codes everything went back to normal light still flickering? Alternator looks new as if it was replaced recently, dr44 on the front. Had the charging system tested everything checked out fine with the exception of the alternator is getting very hot?
  5. Apreciate the reply, as far as whether or not it does rated 2103 cert is fine for me seeing how I only need 1600 or so. as far as the CS every time I've asked Them a question I've got a reply within hours. As I stated after researching (NEW) the available products in the price Range.i didn't see tHe need to spend more money on power I didn't need at the moment. and end up with a Amp that still has plenty of headroom to not end up Blown.
  6. I finally , got around to instAlling my cendo BC2000D. I wanted to wait a few months before I Posted a review. in one word damn. I so far have nothing but great things to say about this product. I'm so happy I did my research and didn't buy from one of the so-called big name companies.And spent a few more hundred and didn't get another POS aMp. cuz for the money (450 new) if there is a better aMp out there, at The same price point, kudos to them. it's easy on the electrical system rarely do I drop below 14 volts On my stock electrical system. according to my stock voLt gauge, not too sure how accurate it is. Pos: price, power, easy on the Electrical system. Coz: None that I have found so far... Ps. if you're not a fan Of Crescendo,don't bother leaving a comment here. save us both some time and aggravation in life.
  7. just rented some space in Northeast San Antonio. looking for some ideas on how to pay the bills.

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      flop your dong out for moneyz

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      Why rent space if you cannot paybills? Why this post?

  8. What's everybody. I haven't been on for a while dealing with life and its issues everybody knows how that goes. But to the point I have some space located in northeast San Antonio approximately 1500 square feet. That I plan on using to build signage. But in the meantime I have to figure out something to do with the space to pay the bills and keep the lights on. Remember how hard of a time I had attention to find somewhere to do my car Audio thing. it dawned on me that may be there are others out there who needed a place to do their work on their vehicle. or maybe you have a mobile installation Thing that you're working on, and need space on a job by job basis. I'm up for ideas, just looking to pay the bills as I stated. hit me up.
  9. Can anyone tell me what that is, by the relay?
  10. It's base 5spd, I picked up a p13 today. It's not plug and play, looking for the h22a non imm, ecu.
  11. Im picking, up my 98 lude today. I need a ecu, ASAP as someone helped there self to the one that was in the car.for 450$ still a good deal. Looking for something plug and play, just to get it home.
  12. Gratz on your 50. How bout a demo, sometime? I would also appreciate it, if you could hit me up, with the name of that shop. I have been, looking for a cool place to get a few things from.
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