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  1. Double checked that you are wired @ 1ohm and not 4? I know it is a simple thing but sometimes the simple things get me.
  2. Hope you get those pics up, I recently picked up a 2011 and wondered how the seat lift fit. Will be doing the same on the back wall as well. I used IMageshack to host the pics.
  3. Picked up this 2011 Chevy 2500 4 days before our trip to the Dunes since my f250 broke its 3rd transmission. Just so happens that I was actually looking at these for a downfiring box under the rear seats. Planning on a Pioneer DVD,(have on the shelf) XT25 Tweets, TM65 mids as well.
  4. Good looking work. Where are you located. I'm in Livermore and just bought a house and the people who did my side yard gate put the hinges on so it swings inward. I need to go out so I can park my toyhauler. You close?
  5. I would get ahold of Kingsuv. I believe he is out of the Sacramento area but he does top notch work. Would be worth the drive.
  6. they don't need to budge...nobody has them in stock I got lucky though, i pre-ordered last spring. I was hoping to have it in time for my Pismo trip but it didn't happen. It's here now though! thanks!!! First off love the truck, that roof is awesome. I keep debating on getting a new one but my 2000 just keeps ticking and I only use it to pull the trailer(less than 5k a year.) Secondly was gonna ask if you ever make it to Pismo. As I have seen you post about Sand Mountain before. So whens the next dune trip?
  7. been a little bit since this was posted. You have them yet? I'm in. Could stop by on my way to Sand Mountain to make it easy too.
  8. You will pay the sales tax when you register it in CA. I live in Livermore and bought out of state before.
  9. I live in Livermore, have a 25ft Toyhauler and ride Carnegie,Hollister, and Pismo. What do you want to know?