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  1. Whats to happen to those smd v1s?? Need some one local to come pick em up off your hands for a couple bills? ;^)
  2. This guy is all business, very nice, good deal. Amp was sent in all original packaging, guts were as he discribed, but ups was a fail. Amp knob was completely smashed. Amp leg bent, and a pair of 1/0 imputs cracked/bent. Anyways from ups, this guy is a good guy to buy from.
  3. Hell you guys even got my girl freind into car audio a little, now thats saying something.
  4. So at first glance i didnt know much about dc audio, and i was on the fence between my first big boy subs. Due to a good reputation and sounding godly loud ( and good) i chose dc, and bought a sub from my freind (a level 6 m2.) I ran with it, and people ran from my car lol. Eventually i got 2 of these m2 lvl 6s. And wanted to upgrade. So I eventually contacted Jose Razon, he really hooked me up,he was really nice as well as imformative, and i bought 2 m4 baskets/recones. About a week later, i took a trip to tahoe for vaction, and i was just thinking that it wouldent hurt to email DC to ask about maybe a tour, as they were only about 2 hours from me. Rusty quickly emailed me back to say yes. So i made the trip, and the DC crew quickly opened the door for me and gave me a grand tour lol. Everyone was super nice and imformative, got to see some really cool stuff too! Eventually i met rusty, he is very down to earth so to say, and really humble, not cocky one bit,and we chatted for quite a while, it doesnt matter who you are to them, rich or poor, your still important to them, which is rare to see. i met his wife as well, and she is very nice and humble as well. And through a big coincidence my order for my baskets was about to ship so they just let me take em home woohoo. So long story short, everyone iv meet through DC has been part of this very tight family, and willing to invite others to their home quickly. So if your ever on the fence between companys, ask about their customer service im glad DCs customer service was this awesome, keep up the good work guys! Just wanted to share my thoughts and experience with DC.
  5. Removed the first bead with a screwdriver... will work on it more tomarrow with a rubber mallet and fine flatheat screwdriver
  6. Still seems off that anyone would glue the basket to the top plate. Or glue the basket to anything. Proto type, foooooo shooooow. Seems like the did that because they couldnt machine, line up, drill, tap, or make work.... one or the other to one or the other. Just seems odd. Yeah i thought it was just me to find it weird, so it has a bolted and a little bit glued extra spider landing, glued and bolted machined spacer, thats glued, why just why
  7. Alright well ok, now i know the correct term thanks, but yeah, loto glue. A couple other woofers i reconed just bolted off and with alot of force with pull off. But they were alot less of a woofer than these, the last thing i reconed was a sundown zv2 lol
  8. Lol damn haha, and i dont have any idea,all i know is that this is 2 of the 6 out of jon rabes old set up, was some sort of prototype if i fully understood. So yeah no idea on the glue
  9. I need to take off the frame from my dc lvl 6 m2 15, i gutted the soft parts, and unbolted the frame, then learned that the frame is heavily glued to a machined spacer, and that spacer is glued to the top plate of the motor.... im taking off the frame to put m4 soft parts/frame on this motor. So what should i do? Use some sort of heat gun? Or a glue activator? I have two of these subs, only gutted one so far, and im stumped, and i dont want to damage the top plates.
  10. Look on sky highs website. Theres now an option to upgrade your lvl5, or 6, to a M4 frame and soft parts!! A little over 300, for the softies and frame.
  11. Through my personal car audio researching before a purchase I have noticed that IA is a bit more expensive than the majority of highend car audio Can you educate me as to why your products are more expensive than your competitors? By competitors I mean those other brands that are common in the SPL lanes. I understand overhead costs and a million other variables that could cause you to price your catalog as such but I am hoping there is a technical answer. I have seen green on your amp boards where others use standard copper color, can you explain this green material and why you prefer it? for example the IA 20.1 Thanks and sorry if these questions are not what you expected but you said ask anything and I wonder these lol. Yeah whats up with the green on the mosfets? Really bad ass amps by the way, like the 80.1 is really awesome, nice to see you guys here now :^)
  12. Yep this is all correct information.----- Not sure how many folks noticed we did release our "NEO-SPL" driver in the 4Q of 2015 : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.897828580272614.1073741877.114478905274256&type=3 The NEO-SPL is currently on v.1 & will be for the first ~100 or so units while I work on the v.2 version. ----- For the time being I am not changing the Z v.5 power rating from 2000-watts... although; it runs the same coil as the NS v.3 now. ----- The NS v.4 is in the works. I have the final production run of NS v.3 motors coming in shortly... this will make the last of them! In total the NS v.3 will have 3x the number of units on the market as any prior NS woofer so it was a great success... I am going for the redesign as the Z v.5 will push in closer to NS v.3 territory. ----- The TEAM Neo is being made first & foremost to reduce weight. Since the goal is simply to have the *same* flux (and hence BL) as the current TEAM model we don't need to use crazy amounts of Neo... therefore the goal is to keep pricing very similar to the current TEAM woofer but at ~1/2 the weight. I have also worked in a few cooling upgrades & distortion reduction upgrades. ----- The E v.3 series 10/12/15 models also step up to a 2.5" coil compared to a 2" coil from prior generations -- they are BEASTS for the cost. ----- Another item... the LCS-12 will be surfacing in 2016... this will be our $79 retail woofer. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.897822013606604.1073741876.114478905274256&type=3 ----- There will be more... I suggest tuning in to our Facebook page =) So that neo is to be expected to be around 60 lbs or so? And keep the power the same, keep the motor force just about the same, expect the same woofer so to say, but able to get one of front baffles? Sounds cool man
  13. I was just on droppin hz... and saw m4 lvl 5 and 6. Can anyone tell us the upgrades? Maybe a CnC'd basket?
  14. Thanks alot for that man, will defenitly tune in on FB, really excited
  15. Maybe with enough people we can convince rusty to get building these again.... with level 6 soft parts
  16. Would definitely be cool to see the neos come back like that, like a level 6 on crack lol
  17. Oh yea, my bad, will probobly be 2250, they keep increasing it by 250 watts.
  18. I cant wait for more info on that team v.2, is that 100% conformed that it will be neo? Iv been waiting for sundown to do a huge woofer with neo , looks like the emf ermagerd v.2 will have a big brother lol. And any info on the revised v.5 Z series would be awesome, probably increased the rms to at least 2k.( we all know it can do more). The smaller woofers are cool too, the SD3 could be a cool mid bass woofer for center console or something, good stuff thanks for the info!
  19. God damn that thing is sexy, count me in lol. Id say come out with limited releases. Only manufacturer like 50 or so at a time, when the neo comes down in price, that would be killer :^)
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