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  1. I have someone building the current box so the dimensions of that are currently Amp will be a skar 2000.1D but will be upgrading to a 3500 2015 Jeep Patriot High Altitude Dj Russticals, Decaf low hitters.
  2. Do you think (2) Skar Audio VFX 15in Subwoofers tuned to 27hz will move some air? Should they even be tuned that low?
  3. 27H 26D 37L I would prefer the sub and port to be faced towards the driver and passenger seats. Port being on the DS
  4. I need some help. 1. I am wanting to look into getting Skar ZVX 18V2 but I am unsure what size box I should use for this. 2. Is there someone who can help me come up with a diagram for box? I was planning on wanting to use an aero port instead of a slot port. I will send measurements. Vehicle is a 2015 Jeep Patriot. Current amp: Skar audio 2k but will be upgrading to Skar audio 3.5k
  5. Do you know anyone that is on the site that will build me one and ship it for 300? I actually dont trust half of the builders in the area I am in.
  6. Location: Moncks Corner, South Carolina. Willing to drive.\ I mostly dont have the tools to build this box. @Joe X will this still play 26hz decently?
  7. Know anyone that will build me a box to the specs I am looking for? I like hitting lows and listen to a ton of slowed music.
  8. Yeah that's exactly what the box looks like. Would I be able to get the subs to hit deeper than that with a different box?
  9. yeah I was off. Box dimensions are 33L x 19W x 19H
  10. Hold on. i need to go downstairs and check again. I believe i measured the area the box could work in. not the box itself. however, the port measurements I know are correct
  11. They haven't suggested it. besides I use some SMD products @JRsmoothee @Triticum Agricolam It hits the hardest usually up in the 37 - 45 area.
  12. I will fix it in the morning. It acts as though it is trying to play low but it sounds horrible. Like it will basically just move around before actually hitting some decent sound.
  13. @Joe X @audiofanaticz - Amp settings: subsonic is set to all the way off. Crossover is set to 40 or lowest possible setting based on the amp.
  14. Port is 4in W 18in long Box is double baffled
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