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  1. I got it my boy said dual 1s thank u guys for all help god bless!
  2. So i would probably be around 1. Something ohms final right?
  3. Ok they got 2 positive 2 negative each sub so how to wire up then so i can use
  4. Hey any help i got 2 Fi sp4 12s and there dual.7 ohm how to wire to a 1 ohm load
  5. Loooking for a good working soundqube hdc3.1 10 let me kno if anyone gots one for sale thank you
  6. Ok thank u well appreciated ill do this same way as urs then let u kno how it comes out
  7. So ur measurement should i use urs or mine i dont think i can clear it through with ur height so maybe 38w 141/2 h 23 1/2 depth ill do but then again only inch bigger shouldnt hurt all together
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