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  1. Just wondering if anyone had info on a nice box build for 2 skar audio vxf 12s goin in a 2015 Chrysler 200
  2. My car is a Chrysler 200 2015 pretty big trunk want woofers and port facing the rear and tuned at 32hz need at least a 4 cubic feet box according to f i company
  3. Thanks again on info yesterday the 12s got super hard on my crescendo 3.5 k very good
  4. Yea you guys rite I got a box for them already but want a new one for them my box 38w /14 1/2 h/24 depth it slams good but lows aren’t there for my taste tune I think was 33 34hz
  5. Wanted to kno if anyone gots a box design for 2 12 inch ssd f i subs thx
  6. Box is most important in setups if your tune is good on box you don’t even need to turn up stereo to be loud it will be bass easy
  7. Yes I kno bout the audio stuff but goin a different route with these 2 12s they look promising and I kno fi subs get den me and buddy are trading subs so just hoping I’m getting worth it good deal u kno
  8. I only got one 9515 but I wanna run 2 12s fi ssd there 1250 rms each with upgrades on sub more come space instead of one 15
  9. Wats more for spl loud bass system one dd 9515 custom box or use fi ssd 12s 2 of them on crescendo bc 3500k just want opinions no judging on brands there both bad ass I’m goin diff route
  10. Well I mean I want opinions no talking bad on brands there both good but I’m looking for loud spl bass wats good choice
  11. Need help with system I got a dd 9500 15 in custom box on a crescendo bc 3500k and it slams but wanted to go with 2 fi ssd 12s with upgrades on them in custom box as well which would be better plz help
  12. I should stop spamming all areas of the forums w/ versus threads

  13. I had a question 

  14. Does anyone kno bout the k9s Rockville 12s and was thinking of running 3 12s on a crescendo bc 3.5k amp would it be too much for subs

    1. realflow100


      the rockville k9 subs have some issues with handling rated power. and they start smelling on only half rated RMS power. could still be inadequate glue or the coils just aren't beefy enough to handle their rated power.

      i dont think the coil sizes they make are even remotely capable of handling their rated power.

    2. DDaudioforLife559


      Yea I seen exo’s reviews not good for subs lol I’ll just blow them out 

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