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  1. Any help on a bix built for 2 skar zvx 8s tuned at 32hz running off a treo 4.1 cxt amp
  2. Need info on the treo cxt 4.1 how can i safely run amp without damaging it there old school will a xs power 2400  under hood and big 4 help out for mean time

    1. Gunnem


      if youre talking about the opti amp, its korean bulletproof run it at .25ohm

    2. DDaudioforLife559


      No i sold that buddy im talking bout the treo cxt 4.1k amp

    3. DDaudioforLife559


      Just wanted to kno if the treo would run good on a big 3 ofc sky high 0 gauge and a xspower 2400 under hood for now

  3. Was wondering how these run on system ima put it on 2 Fi sp4 12s v1s and a northstar agm 220 any info with use of the treo cxt 4.1
  4. Any info on amp just piked up from a friend for my highs 4 channel is huge 250x4 says 2000 rms idk but looks bad ass lmk any info thx
  5. Just got a new lanzar opti 250x4 does big power i see biggest 4 channel i ever seen!! Wats the info i can get on amp so im sure to run it good 

  6. I got it my boy said dual 1s thank u guys for all help god bless!
  7. So i would probably be around 1. Something ohms final right?
  8. Ok they got 2 positive 2 negative each sub so how to wire up then so i can use
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