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  1. Can you guys tell main difference between these two lines? One important question from me is can you power line run on lower impedence? let's say 1ohm version to 0.7ohm? Thanks
  2. Hello, I got LTO batteries so I would want to increase charging voltage from alternator.. How to do it? I don't have ALT S fuse so I need to done it differently.. Would adding diode to D+ wire do a trick? Thanks!
  3. I'm waiting for my LTO bank to come. So I have 3 batteries in car.. and I sold under the hood one and all wires from bat negative grounded to chasiss (Alt case to chassi and motor block to chasiss) and took battery out.. and now I have alt noise.. tried everything but it's still there.. Seems like alternator is getting bad or something and I don't know is it from before or now.. I just know when battery was there there was no alt noise on speakers.. Is it possible to have alt noise on speakers if alt is going bad no matter if you have everything grounded propertly or not? (When you don't have front battery)
  4. 5x2.3v is 11.5v.. I just heard that to get all of them you need over 14.4v and that 14.4v is minimum to charge them.
  5. I have fiat punto mk1 and I was thinking to get Yinlong LTO batteries.. I heard that I need a little higher voltage to get all of them.. Thats why I'm asking.
  6. What is maximum charge voltage that average car can safely endure? Thanks
  7. Hello, Is cracking amps of battery measure of good battery? Let say we have two batteries, one is 3 years old and second one 1 year old and they are both rated at 760 cracking amps If we test both batteries and 3 years old battery have 740 cracking amps and 2 year old battery have 680 cracking amps . Does that mean that older battery is in better shape? and are there more factors too know if battery is still in good shape? (I can get 760 amps rated battery thats tested and give out 700 amps and don't know how old it is but for really good money)
  8. I put biggest alternator it could fit.. probably one of few puntos mk1 in europe with bmw 180a alternator thats why batteries are my only option.. and with 350ah batteries I think i will be safe to not drop under 12v..
  9. Amplifier is DB4000.1D with 180A alternator and 250ah batteries.. Voltage drops to 12.4-12.5v. When I clamped I tried few songs and then saw wattage.. tried both low and high bass songs. Edit: Thinking about getting one more 100ah battery and 2x 15" 1.5kw rms subwoofers wired to 0.35ohm. I talked with alphard importer for my country and he said that its okay to wire that amp on 0.35ohm if voltage don't drop under 12v.. but idk..
  10. It's alphard db315. Well I have 4k right now.. But I think I need something bigger.. it's wired to 0.7ohm and I clamped 1800rms out of it.
  11. How big amplifier to get to beat impedence rise for 2.5kw subwoofer?
  12. Hey, great calculator! but I just have one question: for "total input power" do I put my system clamped watts or Subwoofer spec watts? Thanks
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