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  1. Amps without fuses????????

    Who fuses their amps anymore? Leave that shit in the 90's where it belongs.
  2. Love this Suburban, and your work so far on it!!! How is the suspension holding up with the weight of that monster wall? And if you don't mind, what's your gas mileage? Yeah, yeah I know....it's about Smiles per gallon. This makes me want to go B-Pillar now.
  3. I just thought of the perfect guy.... Adam's butthole.
  4. Damn, I missed all the fun here!!! Great stuff, thank you snafu for doing these and sharing your knowledge.
  5. I think you can wire to 2 ohms with a dual 4 woofer, if that's what you're asking. Here's a cool tool: http://www.the12volt.com/caraudio/woofer_configurations.asp
  6. What are you asking? Like making a ported or sealed box? If you've seen any of the countless box requests on this forum, you'd know that you have to provide alot of information for someone to design a box for you if that's what you were wanting.
  7. Well I have one and kept my 2nd row. Any questions in particular?
  8. OMG, It's N8's build log!!!!! Yeah, I believe they meant door treatment as sound deadening, etc. Check out the products here, along with some good reading: http://store.secondskinaudio.com/ And also there's plenty of topics on that around here as well, I've seen many over the years.
  9. ^^Expert here...He knows what he's talking about, so I would listen. I'm still a noob, but I think he's saying for what you're doing you don't need all those speakers and can be just fine with one set in each door.
  10. So what exactly are you asking? Any reason you're wanting that many speakers in each door?
  11. Looking good!!! Love those dub ballers. How does it ride with those?