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  1. Oh wow that's cool!!!! I've always brought the Rpms up with the gas pedal but that is really neat. Sometimes I've worried if I've given it too much gas while just idling. I just googled the vernier cable but not exactly sure how the hooks up but I'm going to look into that more. I don't compete so idk about that, but seems perfect for demoing!
  2. Below the amps themselves or do you mean below the amp rack boards? There is deadener on the floor, etc. and I do have some sitting around.
  3. Amp guy had said, "amp was beat up by vibration, some transformer issues and some regulator issues."
  4. Here's a pic of the 8 psi custom pf3 18s before they were wired up. I think I have a video of it playing somewhere. I'll have to get a pic of the rear later, I don't have any lol. There's not a whole lot of room back there, but after reading your responses, maybe I can try to remove a couple pieces that are holding the amp rack up, and support it more from the bottom somehow. With the limited space I'm not sure how to redesign it, but I'll get a pic up soon! I really appreciate the help from you guys, and great to see you still around here Snow and Kyle!
  5. So...I've been having the issue of killing my amps with vibrations from my 8 18's. Yeah I know, who would've thought there would be a lot of movement with that? But I see plenty of big builds out there with their amps just screwed into a board and they are fine... They had rubber grommets under the mounting feet to try to help with vibrations. The amp rack is pretty rigid, but being in the back of a vehicle with 8 18's is just destroying my amps with vibrations , which was verified by the amp repair guy. Several high power guys I've talked to have said they just bolt their amp racks into the frame, or just use long bolts that go into the frame.... well...rigidness isn't working for me. Some other have told me to get some piece of rubber/foam under the amps but that would have me concerned with heat. Another person suggested springs under each amp or each amp rack board. All these crazy ideas but I'm not sure what to do next. Sub amps are running on 18v. I've considered moving to smaller boards, which was also suggested to me, to maybe help with 'stability', but the way my subs are wired I'd be wiring "super low" with 4 amps, and 18v limits my amp choices. Any suggestions guys? @SnowDrifter Amp deaths: 2 DC 7.5k's - one of them twice (best amps I've ever owned! They handled the beating the longest) 2 TS 8.3k's....twice since I've had them (they've always had problems even before music was played)
  6. That's awesome!!! I had Madden 08 on my PC up until a couple years ago haha.
  7. MAKE SMD GREAT AGAIN Edit: Hey guys...What about a system of the year at the end of the year?
  8. Interesting. I have an XS30k in one of my trucks and I'll keep this in mind.
  9. Do you think you'll ever want to upgrade at all? I'd say get the best alternator you can. Do they list the idle amperage? But for the 3500 watt system I think any upgraded alternator like the 200a would work just fine with the two batteries.
  10. Well, what's your budget? I've ran the SMD RCA's and the DroppinHz RCA's. Or you could just go get them from Walmart lol.
  11. Yo will dat shit work my primered, rusted out showcar Honda that hit's 172's at 13Hz with 5 Dual 12s and 3 SonyXplod 10s all in the same box built by Ghost Customs with some funkypups in the doors and 73 XS Power D1600's on a Tenney Alternator?
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