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  1. Do you think you'll ever want to upgrade at all? I'd say get the best alternator you can. Do they list the idle amperage? But for the 3500 watt system I think any upgraded alternator like the 200a would work just fine with the two batteries.
  2. ** RCA's **

    Well, what's your budget? I've ran the SMD RCA's and the DroppinHz RCA's. Or you could just go get them from Walmart lol.
  3. Yo will dat shit work my primered, rusted out showcar Honda that hit's 172's at 13Hz with 5 Dual 12s and 3 SonyXplod 10s all in the same box built by Ghost Customs with some funkypups in the doors and 73 XS Power D1600's on a Tenney Alternator?
  4. 126k on the 05 burban - the daily 107k on the 97 burban - 8 18s walled beast 163k on the twin turbo VR4 Cool topic, I always wondered what some of you guys had on the clock on your bass rigs and daily drivers, or those that were both.
  5. Hydraulic Crimping Tool

    Wow that looks really nice, looks very high quality like you said. No hate or anything - Are you going to use it a lot? I know you said there are some comparable that cost thousands but it just seems like a lot of money to me. I've been using the $40 yellow case one from amazon for years and has worked just fine, but I'm not an everyday installer or anything - just used on my systems.
  6. Too bad you got here after the Kranny rule. I think only a few will know what I'm talking about but I don't care. In Kyle form, "Nothing to see here...nothing at all...move along now..."
  7. Amps without fuses????????

    Who fuses their amps anymore? Leave that shit in the 90's where it belongs.
  8. Love this Suburban, and your work so far on it!!! How is the suspension holding up with the weight of that monster wall? And if you don't mind, what's your gas mileage? Yeah, yeah I know....it's about Smiles per gallon. This makes me want to go B-Pillar now.
  9. I just thought of the perfect guy.... Adam's butthole.
  10. Damn, I missed all the fun here!!! Great stuff, thank you snafu for doing these and sharing your knowledge.