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  1. Might as well start off and say I've never really built any sort of system before besides just swapping the door speakers and sub in my suburban. One of my uncles used to have a system in his avalanche and he recently gave me his old stuff to clear up room in his house. Got a set of Infinity Kappa 5 1/4's (components and coaxials), 2 Infinity Kappa 12.1 subs, alpine 4 channel amp, MTX mono amp, and some other misc stuff. On to the civic now, it's just a daily so this isn't going to be a crazy build, but rather enough to make it decent on my commute and drive to a from college. Doors and rear deck have some RF Prime 6.5's and just recently swapped the head-unit to a Pioneer 2550NEX which really woke the RF's up but its still lacking in the bass department. My thought since its a daily and trunk space is still sorta important, I was planning on building a 1.75 cu.ft ported box to have some low end without rattling the car apart but we all know things snowball into bigger projects Any suggestions or recommendations are welcome Here's what I have for a box (3/4 MDF, SMD terminal cup on the left side, according to winISD and some math, it should be tuned to ~38 hz. It will have bracing in the corners but I got lazy and didn't feel like taking the time to put them in the drawing. Hoping to get it put together and in the car in the next couple weeks but this virus might slow things down
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