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  1. Beautiful mids and tweeters, SB Acoustics make some good drivers. I've always wanted to try the Scanspeak tweeters.
  2. I like the equipment so far, didnt know D'Amore made more amps. Im hoping that you have better luck with your Dayton then I have even after my third one. Just purchased an Audio Control DM-608 to replace it.
  3. I like this style better than the inputs being on oneside and the outputs on the other side. Dope
  4. Thats how I felt before putting them on my amp that does 150w at 4ohms. But you can always control that, with the gains down they still over power my mids.
  5. These are 4 ohms and the one's I use. I currently have them on a SSA IC150.4. Gains all the way down. Just another option to check out. I loved them, selling them to a friend since I upgraded to some Stevens Audio HLCD horns. https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/ring-radiator-tweeters/sb-acoustics-sb29rdcn-c000-4-neo-magnet-ring-dome-tweeter/
  6. I love my SB Acoustic SB29RDCN-c000-4 tweeters, some of the best tweeters that Ive tried out.
  7. Some people get an empty battery case and use it as a distribution block for under hood connections, like this but they are out of stock right now. https://www.droppinhzcaraudio.com/products/battery-delete
  8. Could you do distribution blocks on the under side of the amp rack panel or do you want them seen in the acrylic window? Just a throught
  9. Great pictures, can we get shots of component speakers as well.
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