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  1. Went and got two of those type of fuse blocks after seeing this post, I didn't even know he had some made. I was going to go the SMD route but already had some of Jims stuff in the ride.
  2. Yes the factory Bluetooth sucks in my VW and the Nav-TV unit isnt meshing well with my factory radio. It's all coming out for an aftermarket radio.
  3. I have a 21 Passat R and have to get the Nav-Tv unit (two shops told me before I believed them haha), putting my car in the shop next Wednesday to let them install it for warranty purposes. Ive installed everything else in my car and was pissed after finding out I couldnt just use my AudioControl DSP to get proper signal from the factory amp/hu. I havent heard of the volume issue from either shop Ive talked to but Ill ask on next week to see what they say. I did look at the VW Forum and found a couple posts from people with Fender Audio setups that say if you try to tap in between the factory amp and hu will power up but you wont get sound.
  4. I like the equipment so far, didnt know D'Amore made more amps. Im hoping that you have better luck with your Dayton then I have even after my third one. Just purchased an Audio Control DM-608 to replace it.
  5. Thats how I felt before putting them on my amp that does 150w at 4ohms. But you can always control that, with the gains down they still over power my mids.
  6. These are 4 ohms and the one's I use. I currently have them on a SSA IC150.4. Gains all the way down. Just another option to check out. I loved them, selling them to a friend since I upgraded to some Stevens Audio HLCD horns. https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/ring-radiator-tweeters/sb-acoustics-sb29rdcn-c000-4-neo-magnet-ring-dome-tweeter/
  7. I love my SB Acoustic SB29RDCN-c000-4 tweeters, some of the best tweeters that Ive tried out.
  8. Some people get an empty battery case and use it as a distribution block for under hood connections, like this but they are out of stock right now. https://www.droppinhzcaraudio.com/products/battery-delete
  9. sold the 15" Icon, now looing for some new 12's. Wish Pride would ship me some, those new Sundown U's look nice. Miss my old Lethal Injections, kind of want to give the Death Rows a go. Decisions.

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    2. jcarter1885


      Seen it on Sundowns facebook page.

    3. frogcase2002
    4. diegoclass2010


      i got some havocs 12's if your intrested :)

  10. I want a pair but I can never get those silicone ends to stay in my ears
  11. Took the day off to wait on some packages and to play this Uncharted 4 PS4 bundle i bought on Thursday. That I still havent played yet.

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