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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I will contact them directly. Damn frame and motor has been sitting in the garage for two years and has a spider living in the gap by now I'm sure..
  2. SSA just sent me a refund for the Mayhem 18 recone I ordered. No longer available through them. Shit. I wish them the best.
  3. When I looked yesterday the SSA site doesn't even have Ascendant Audio subs anymore. Just recones. At least I hope so since I just ordered a Mayhem recone yesterday. I was told in an email from someone at SSA that "AA subs are shut down". I assume that just means SSA is not carrying them anymore. I love ordering from them and have been for years so I hope it all works out for them. That quad slug ass pic Kyle posted gave me a boner so I better go...
  4. Hi. Not sure if this is where to post this but I can't figure out how to post pics. I will be happy to pay for a membership fee if that's all it takes. Since the photo bucket thing ended I haven't figured out imgur I am super frustrated. I just want to post a build log. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    2. Ron36


      I bought a gold membership and it’s just copy and past way better then the old way , worth every penny and I’m an idiot on a computer 

    3. s5300


      Imgur works just fine. Click on the picture you uploaded to imgur, copy the "Direct Link" and paste it in your forum post. 

    4. alex912005


      postimages.org   Pictures that I uploaded here 3 years ago still work. No need for an account here and you can resize pics too.

  5. With that high motor force and mms and low QTS like my old Mayhem 18 (.26 on my Mayhem 18 as opposed to .28 on the Omega 18) can I expect it to be as snappy as my Mayhem but with more brutality down lower? Also will my BC 5500 at .5 ohm with strong electrical be enough power for this beast?
  6. 20171202_133531.jpg Screenshot_2017-11-18-03-42-07.png Screenshot_2017-12-02-03-54-11.png This is what I had to do just for one Mayhem 18. It weighs 1,285 pounds but when I lock myself in, since it's super soundproof my neighbors (except for one who can feel it in the floor two stories up) don't hate me anymore. Edit: fuck me I have no idea how to post pictures anymore.
  7. I second the iNuke 3000 DSP or 6000 DSP. And definitely get the DSP! Unless you have outboard DSP, those amps fixed crossover at 100 hz sucks. It makes a huge difference in bass response having total control over crossover points and slopes and 8 parametric eqs, and a limiter. You might need at least a 20 amp breaker for the 6000 if you go that route. My 3000 DSP makes my Mayhem fucking rock in my living room but the whole apartment complex shakes . Had to treat all the walls, ceiling and floors with Green Glue and another layer of 5/8 inch sheetrock. You may have to build a floating floor as well with 4 18s. If you did do each sub series (4 ohms) you could get two iNuke 6000 DSP (for like $700) and wire one 4 ohm sub to each channel since the 6000 can't be bridged but the subs would probably need to be housed separately since they wouldn't be perfectly gain matched and eq'd unless you're really meticulous. Right now I'm thinking of going Sencheezy's route and using those high voltage Taramps amps plugged into my 220 dryer or oven line and having 20,000 watts or more and running four Team 18s in the house. Good luck!
  8. Just got my G26 and love it. The Pearce extensions are awesome but for some reason I'm actually getting tighter groups with the flush stock magazine even though my pinky is just curled up under the mag. I also got a G19 magazine (10 round.. CA...) with the X-Grip shroud and that works really well too. Love the Baby Glocks!
  9. I inadvertently posted a new topic with a stupid title before it was ready and it won't let me edit the title or repost it in a better place for more exposure. I really think some of you will want to see this.

    1. WalledSonic


      Your FAP CHAMBER 9000 also looks like a death trap. Im pretty sure in an enclosure that small, you will run out of fresh air before you take a break from gaming. IJS. Neat concept tho

    2. Ron36


      I like the bass chamber but didn't see any beer holders

    3. Knocker


      The inflatable chair has a cupholder. It was their biggest selling point.

  10. I'd love to see video of some random fuck trying to jack a Mayhem off someone's porch. Probably wouldn't get too far. Without a dolly...
  11. Four Alpine 6012 (made by Gauss with 4 inch coils) 12" subs in the back of my '89 Honda Civic. All sealed at 1.4 cubes per driver for a QTC of .505 each. Sounded amazing. Alpine tech support told me on the phone that a smaller box (.8 cubes per driver) would yield a QTC of .707 and I'd be "boomin down the street like a minitruck" and was unacceptable! Soundstream TC 303 tape deck Sony CDX A-20 ten disc changer with remote in headliner Alpine 3321 11-band graphic eq Soundstream active crossover 24 dB slope on low pass, 6 dB slope on high pass Monolithic PA 5000, 500 watt (250 per channel at 4 ohms, 1 ohm stable) with two subs parallel on each channel ADS PH15 300 watt (50 per channel) six channel on mids, highs, and woofers under passenger's feet 4 Alpine 6012 12 inch subs 2 ADS S7 7 inch woofers under passenger feet 4 Boston Acoustics 5 1/4 mids 4 Boston Acoustics 1 inch soft dome 142.2 dB A-weighted Installed by Soundsations. Newhall, CA. 2nd place in 501-1000 watt amateur class at Devonshire Downs IASCA competition 1990, Got beat out of first place by an Al and Ed's install with 12" Bazooka bass tubes and access to an RTA My favorite cds to show it off were Bachbusters and Rush Moving Pictures....oh and the Alpine test CD... "Planet Krypton"!!!!!!! OK I'm done.
  12. Is that in your Expedition? Two of the new Mayhems?
  13. Ok since we're on that topic here are my plans.I want to put the driver in about 5.5 - 6.5 cubes tuned to around 31 hz using whatever size Aero Port will give me 12 Sq inches of port area per cube. I plan on running it off a BC 3500 with a Singer 240 amp alternator and an XS Power D3100 AGM battery. Àll 0 gauge and the Big 3. I may use one of the SKAR 5-channel amps (4 channel + sub) just in case I need to add midbass later on. I still haven't decided exactly what mid and highs but I'm leaning towards the MB Quart QS 216s (if I can make them fit in my door). All of this is going in a 2001 4Runner. I modeled the driver using Woofer Box Calculator which factors in cabin gain (for the 4Runner) and impedance and the response curves look good with the smaller box and lower tuning, maxing out at around 144.8dB at 33 hz. I'm pretty much ready to pull the trigger on the project (so far I only have the sub) but just making sure I'm not screwing anything up before I drop the cash. Any input would be greatly appreciated! -Oh and my musical tastes are just about everything but I'm particular to the sound of a well recorded kick drum..
  14. By the way I hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting a pic from another website.
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