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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I will contact them directly. Damn frame and motor has been sitting in the garage for two years and has a spider living in the gap by now I'm sure..
  2. SSA just sent me a refund for the Mayhem 18 recone I ordered. No longer available through them. Shit. I wish them the best.
  3. I got so freaked out when I realized my stereo weighed 600 lb (Mayhem 18, box, D7500, amps, ofc cable) I ended up building a "car stereo" inside a joke car made in my living room. It rocks and I don't need to leave the house. I do wanna do my car system but it's like carrying a family of four. I see suspension, brakes and engine mods in my future.
  4. You could always do four 15's or three 18s and not have to worry about fighting for space. Cone area is nice but properly ported enclosures with happy drivers in "optimum" airspace is better in my opinion. "Optimum" depends what you want. If you want sq then smaller ported enclosures have flatter response and less group delay although require more power due to less efficiency . Larger enclosures will have a larger peak at tuning, require less power due to higher efficiency, and get louder. Unless you're chasing 160s I think four 15's or three 18's is plenty of slam when installed and tuned properly.
  5. Self-explanatory. I couldn't decide what tuning I want especially since I was thinking about making my box bigger by removing the wooden blocks I had put in there to lower the enclosure volume. So if I do take those blocks out but want to keep the same tuning I will just bend the port back on those hinges and raise the tuning. Haven't tried it yet but it seemed like a neat idea at the time.
  6. Then I glued, caulked, and taped it. It turned out to be rigid enough to where I didn't have to fill the space behind it with foam or whatever. Now my port is exactly 5 in in diameter even throughout the 45 degree turn radius and I'm sure there are less little vortices coming off of the curve as opposed to using a solid flat 45 degree transition.. I don't know if it made any significant difference but I can't see how it didn't help, especially at high port velocity near tuning. I'm curious if anybody else here has done the same thing. It was easy and fun to do. Hope this helps anyone who decides to try it.
  7. Then I test fitted it into the port bend and sanded down the edges (yes that's a spider).
  8. Then I cut exactly one quarter of it (45°).
  9. I measured 18.75 in which was the exact height of the port then used a zip tie as a guide and cut it with an oscillating multi tool. Came out perfect
  10. Had to do a 45 Bend in my port but wasn't too keen on using a 45 flat piece of wood since I thought that might disrupt airflow. So since my port was exactly 5 in in diameter I found an exact 10 inch diameter Quikrete tube at Home Depot. Then I did this...
  11. Then I added another quarter inch thick baffle and made a new cutout as far away from the port mouth as possible. I felt like I was wasting my time but the end result was fucking awesome.
  12. I put the cutout back in (glad I saved it) and glued it.
  13. Yeah that's what happened to me. I ended up having to make the port much longer than I thought it was going to be which ended up basically having the port run right into the driver. I even had to notch out the top of the port to fit the basket as you can see in the picture. Either way it just didn't seem right. So I fixed it.
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