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  1. This isn't a Vs. thing, more like me asking to lean on your experience since I have no good way to really test these drivers, no where that I know of in MO carries these brands.. So I have my front doors and install finished and perfected, but my speakers are a little weakers than I would dance for, so I am using some tax monies to try to fix that prob and I want your allses helps! I run a 3 way active and have a mini DSP 6x8 on the way and a sub about to be installed, so consider it a 4-way active system I guess, and its in a single cab 2006 Silverado 1500 truck. I am currently running Jl audio CS200 2 way component tweeters and 6.5s (I am going to replace the tweeters soon too) and dayton audio 3s in the doors. I run midbass something like 125hz - 300hz, possibly as high as 600hz sometimes, I've been toying back and forth. The thump is ok, but I want it louder, with more power handling and more chest rattling thump, the closer I can get to take my breath away the better. I am running a Jl audio 360/2 to the midbass, but I am considering also getting an amp for the midbass that has 200w per channel and better signal to noise ratio, because the 360/2 kinda sucks there. I am leaning towards a pair of CDT-ES06+s on a Jl audio rd400v3, but I want your suggestions! My budget is something like 600 absolute max, 400 would be preferred. Thanks in advance!
  2. Played with the crossover on the amp a bit for the low mids, it was set to 65 hpf so that I could get some mini sub while I wait for my box to get here and I raised it to about 125 and turned the mid amp up quite a bit more and the whole thing just gelled together like a beautiful picture. But now I REALLY want more midbass so I started making abs cutouts for the doors to do it the CAF way but I have only done about half of each door so far and holy shit did it make a world of difference already! I ordered the 32 hz slightly larger sub box so I should have it up and running soon but its sounding a little better every day. Ill post pics of the door sealing job as soon as I get this step done. I also got my tax returns coming VERY soon! Which means I can buy another toy, and I am thinking I want moarrrr thump in the midbass. I know installation is key (I have wood rings on the way and I am in the process of dampening the door and killing the backwaves as much as I can) but my JLs leave a lot to be desired. I considered trying to size up to 8's but I don't want to do the modifications that would necessary to get that to work perfectly, so I i started digging into mids and looking at a ton of drivers and I have decided that with some tax monies I am going to get a set of CDT-ES06+'s Run on the 110 watts from my JL audio amp should be enough to get me some more thumpety thump, if not I may try to get 300 watts per channel on them from my sundowns, and then get an sae1000 for the sub so I am running 500W Sub > 300W Midbass > 110W Mids > 60W Tweeters and eventually super tweets? I am also considering upgrading my 3" mids to 4s or possibly 5.25s. Would an active system running Sub 8" 20Hz to 110Hz Midbass 6.5" 120 Hz to 300 Hz Mids 5.25" 350Hz to 4500Hz Tweets 1.8" 4550Hz and up be a bad way to go? Does a 4 make more sense?
  3. I hate to necro an old thread but has anyone really decided on a good set of midbasses? I have my doors treated similar to the CAF video, abs and all. My midbass is ok, I am running a component set of JL Audio cs 250 (?) active all on their own amps. I just got my tax return, and I want my midbasses to really rock my ribcage, its close but I know it can be better. So with a budget of about 200 per speaker, with 140W going to each at 4 ohms, What speakers would you recommend? Punch
  4. Here is the messy version of my setup, I have it up and running now, but with all the speakers playing full ranges, which is not exactly ideal, but my head unit's xover settings are idiotic. Most channel only ger a hpf up to 250, not useful imho. 2 cheapo pioneer amps for mids and tweets, JL for mid lows, and sundown not yet installed for subwoofer.
  5. When getting a box is it more important to get the correct tuning or the correct size? either 32 hz but .25 too big or just right size but 37 hz, sub requests 32.
  6. I have a question and I apologize if I posted this in the wrong section: If you have your amps set so that the speakers do not distort at max headunit volume and you add a DSP to the chain before the amps, do you have to reset the amp gains, or should they be lower? I dont want to be too low in noise floor or too high, I like tuning so that at max volume none of my speakers will distort even on the most absurdly compressed modern dance songs.
  7. Used to be a DJ too! ( :P): I have a list of tracks I used to drop, I won't link them all but Ill try to list a few: Xkore - Lazer Shark, Genetix - Decompression Chamber, P0gman - Jigglin, Figure - Leatherface, Noisia - Machine Gun (16Bit Remix), Mantis - Hood Shit VIP, Tomba - Symphony 666 More like "Future Trap" but I actually like this better for flexing my system: 4b x Holly - Juice, Desiigner - Panda (Gravez Remix), GTA x Juyen Sebulba - Hard House, GTA - G O L D (I LOVE this track), Tomsize and Simeon - Jump, Zed's Dead and Loudpvck - Flies, Denzel Curry - Threatz (Ekali and Graves remix), Gent and Jawns - Kings, Lil Boosie - Crazy (Brillz and snails remix), Revazz and Holly - Fissure (I love how alien this song is)
  8. I am looking for more tracks to fill out my flash drive, because my Ipod stopped working and I have a little extra space now because my flash drive is larger, and I would like some more choices. I love deep bass, and almost anything agressive, but I also like some chill and emotional stuff, but with a focus on 808 and sub in general in the nice 30 - 50 ranges usually. (Im not really a fan of like chop and screw or decaf versions of tracks) Stuff I really like (just a few tracks in each category): Rap: Corey Gunz ft Wayne - 6 foot 7, Run the Jewels - Legend Has it, Rob $tone - Chill Bill Metal: Meshuggah - Like everything they've ever done, Vildhjarta - Same, Oceano - Depths Electrap: R.L. Grime - Core, GTA - Hard House, Denzel Curry - Threatz ft. Yung Simmie & Robb Bank$ (Ekali & Gravez Remix) Dubstep: SPL and Triage - Valhalla, Mantis - Hood Shit VIP, 4B x Holly - Juice Chill: Bauuer - GoGo!, Lorn - Anvil, Beach House - Wishes Breakcore: Igorrr - Absolute Psalm, Venetian Snares - Ultraviolent Junglist, BongRa - Sick Sick Sick! 80's: Duran Duran - Union of the Snake, Depeche Mode - The Policy of Truth, The Cars - Let the Good Times Roll Girls in the car: Various popular rap, The Decemberists, The Mountain Goats, Kimya Dawson, Etc.. So anybody have any go to's in these genres that you love and that I might like?
  9. Also: I am a fan of raw drivers and am considering replacing my 6.5s (which have effective response down to 56 or something) with either 6.5 woofers that are cheaper but go 40 - 3k or 6.5 subwoofers that go 30 - 1000. I use a midrange that I would like to run 500 to 4k or 1k to 4k, havent really played with it yet to see where exactly I want it, so the subs would probably be the better choice right?
  10. I am sorry for not being specific enough, I am looking at boxes with slotted ports, I like ported sound. The site I thought said .3, but I want a ported box and I have 3 possible choices, one that is tuned to 37 and is .70 cu ft, one is tuned to 36 and is .90 but is like the PERFECT shape to replace my jump seat and one is tuned to 32 hz and is 1 cu ft and looks the nicest of the 3 I believe. (and is also the one my girl likes aesthetically) Sundown Audio E 8 v.5 4 Ohm version on a Sundown Audio sae 600 running the speakers at 300 watts in the jump seat of a single cab silverado truck, I listen to primarily Hip-hop, rap, electronic trap, dubstep, chill bass and pretty much anything with deep and heavy bass: All these things considered: which box would you get if you were in my shoes? PS: Silver lining, I will have enough money left over to get some new tweeters (was considering planar tweets) or 6.5s (Or try to wedge in 8's??) to switch back and forth to play with and a mini DSP 6x8 to get my TA under control and EQ on each speaker just the way I like. And thank you for your condolences.
  11. Well to top everything else off, my grandmother died and now I will be using part of my workshop budget for funerary costs. So no I am looking for a decent premade box just so I can get my doom dooms up and running and feel a little better while I put the custom box off for a while. But now I have questions: The sub I have recommends .3 cu ft, but the box I found that I like is about .95 cu ft, is that too big beyond recommended specs? Will the sub sound like sloppy nonsense, and mash xmax super hard and whatever else? Or would 1 cubic feet not be too terribly big for one 8, Sundown Audio E 8 V.5 on 300 watts at 4 Ohms?
  12. So the man fixing my brake lines and changing my tires is taking forever and claims to have run into some difficulty involving the brake lines so I still don't have my damn truck home, but I fished out all the pics I DID take from this stage of the install so there is at least a little eye candy. Sub Amp: Grill for Subwoofer Box: Amp for midbass and current midbass/tweeter (both to eventually be replaced most likely, I guess we will see how it all sounds together): Side of subwoofer, which is the most monsterous 8 I have ever seen in person: Cone:
  13. Is it possible that I could get the first post ^ Deleted? Hey guys, loooong time reader here, first time real contributor. I've been helping friends install systems almost my entire life, and have been consistently disappointed with the results because where I lived what was popular was tons of watts on a shit prefab box stuffed with alpine 15s. No amps for the front stage, using rear fill speakers (something I do not care for) also with no amps (entire front stage powered by HU amp) tuned terribly with the deck clipping at half. Just riding around with their systems at clipping, no sound treatment just buzzing like a hive. I had a bunch of shitty shit happen all at once. My car broke down (thankfully I have a truck too) so I decided to spend a little savings to start putting together a system that I would really enjoy without spending ungodly amounts on like class A amps and shit (unnecessary for the music I like anyway) So I have started installing things into my truck, and have unfortunately not been taking pics as I have made progress so I am going to pretty much start from here, with pics coming later. The point of this system being to stay at lowest possible watts while still achieving decent SPL for daily listening and driving (complete daily driver non-comp) and to retain a look that is not too flashy and meshes well with the stock interior. So far I have: Installed F.A.S.T. Rings, Installed a new Kenwood HU with basic features and the not too flashy look that I was going for, Installed a JL Audio 2 way system which I just chucked the passive crossover for, installed a pair of 3" mid-ranges and weather treated the rear sides, hooked up a JL audio 360/2 for the mid-bass, hooked up 2 cheapy Pioneer amps for the mids and tweets, hooked up a relay which I think I wired wrong and have to fix soon, ran all the wire, ran distribution blocks, made a new ground, installed all the amps on a very basic placeholder amp "rack" panel behind the seats, installed all the speakers, and the truck is currently at the shop getting a general tune up. I recently ordered but have not yet received: some ABS to make fill panels, some second skin resonance panel liner sticky stuff whatever its called, A Sundown Audio E- D4 V.5, A Sundown Audio SAE600-D, Some clamps and general tools, a new woodworking router, various speaker building parts, some DuraTex and a roller, A grill for the subwoofer to protect it in its very exposed position. Currently I am having some basic work done and trying to get my shop guy to take out my jump seat too, which will make room for the subwoofer box I plan on building. This is going to be a long build however because I am starting with upgrading my workshop before I actually get to work making the box, which I plan on being .85 cu ft with a one side kerfed slot port tuned to 35ish. I was also unfortunately laid off last week so now I feel obligated to spend as little as possible on coming stages which sucks because I was going to set up an air tool system soon. :/ But we soldier on! So the next step is to get you all some pics and the next step in building is to go junkyarding looking for a decent 1 1/2+ HP compressor motor to upgrade this 25$ shitty table saw I have, or possibly also buying an old Craftsman contractor crap table saw to upgrade, but I think my garbage saw's guts will be fine. Besides, I plan on building a new rip fence, bench top, miter slots, miter gauge (buy*), cleaning saw top to bottom, and changing the pulley size to get the speed perfect, tuning the trueness (Whatever. Words.) and changing out the motor with a link belt. I think that can make any saw rip with the best of em. The current design plan is something like: Upgrade table saw -> Make 2 workshop tables one being a wood router and table saw and one being for assembly and a drill press that needs to be cleaned up -> Assemble the work shop -> Abs panels to fill the door holes (tons in a 2006 Silverado 1500) -> Sound treatment stuck down on the doors and over the abs panels -> Build the sub box -> Finish/ Love/ Paint the box -> Install the box bolted where the jump seat was either bolted to the floor or retrofitting the jump seat's bracket (not sure yet) -> Put grilles over the 3"s -> Tune the whole thing -> organize my flash drive and music -> enjoy and be bummed that the project is over And EVENTUALLY: Big 3 upgrade -> Bigger Alternator -> XS power battery or some other deep cycle -> switch the sub to a E-D2 V.5 to wire down to 1 Ohm -> Mass loaded vinyl -> Mini DSP -> Power inverter for a few USBs and a regular plug. Ill post pics as soon as I get her back. OnePunch ***Edited: First to add some information, then to fix some errors, then finally to format it for looks.
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